Black College Living Your Way

Black College Living Your Way

We put all of the best of the HBCU experience in one spot.

Whether you’re a freshman just making your way or graduated many years ago, we have something for you. Get started below.

HBCU Colleges

Your Journey Begins with HBCUs

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have been around for a long time and have a proud and rich history. Find out more about the history, importance, and unique benefits of going to an HBCU.

Find Your Perfect HBCU
Ready to find the HBCU that feels like home? Check out our comprehensive list of HBCUs, latest rankings, and admissions resources.

Dive Into the Exciting HBCU College Life
Experience the unique black college life on campus, participate in campus activities, and look into clubs and organizations like the Divine Nine.

HBCU Alumni: A Network of Success
Meet the successful graduates of HBCUs who are making a difference. Read about successful alumni connect with strong HBCU Alumni associations, and find ways to give back to your school.

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College Bound

Make Your HBCU Plans Airtight

Not sure where to begin? Plan for college without getting lost in the complicated process. We can help you with everything from picking the right college to doing well on your standardized tests. We even help you find scholarships for college too.

Ace Your College Applications
First impressions are important! Our top-notch Black Common Application guide, Essay Tips, and Financial Aid Applications will help you make applications that stand out.

Get Ready to Visit Your Dream HBCU
Your college visit just got a whole lot easier. Don’t miss a thing with our visiting colleges checklist and get the low-down on college interview tips. Can’t visit in person? We’ve got virtual college visits covered too.

Gap Year or Alternative Path? It’s Your Call!
Explore alternatives to traditional college, like taking a gap year, an internship, or a trade or vocational school.

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College Life

Life on Campus: More Than Just Academics

Find out about campus housing, try out the great college meal plans, and learn about the significance of campus safety that are in place.

Student Resources: We've Got Your Back
From student health services to career services and counseling, access resources that support your overall wellbeing and success.

Turn up Your College Life
Get involved! Dig into vibrant clubs and organizations, join exciting campus events, and explore life-changing study abroad programs.

Unlock Your Potential: The Path to Student Success
Master the art of time management, come up with good ways to study, and take advantage of networking opportunities to get your success story started.

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Exploring Careers: Your Future Starts Here

Start your career off on the right foot with our helpful career assessments, learn about different career paths, and get real-world experience through job shadowing and informational interviews.

Looking for a job? The HBCU Career Hub is your way to dream jobs.
With our HBCU Career Hub, you can step into a world of exciting possibilities. Make resumes that stand out, then post them directly on our Career Hub to get the attention of top recruiters. What else? Set up your own job alerts and look through job postings that are only for students and graduates of HBCUs. Ready to get the job of your dreams? Get Started!

Your Career Accelerator: Networking and Professional Development
Build a powerful professional network, join industry associations, and stay ahead with our guides on continuing education and professional certifications.

Career Advancement: Climb the Ladder of Success
Find out how to improve your leadership skills, what you can learn from mentoring and coaching, and how to negotiate job offers and salaries. It's time to reach for the stars!

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