Tips for Choosing Student Clubs and Organizations

Tips for Choosing Student Clubs and OrganizationsFreshmen play a big role in the life of college organizations. You comprise the new generation of recruits, the ones that will potentially take on the responsibilities that the seniors and juniors will leave behind. Freshman recruitment is the lifeblood of college organizations. The more recruits they have among the freshmen, the longer the club can exist.

On your first few months in college, you will notice some clubs that are more aggressive than others in terms of recruitment. Some clubs are just there, waiting for students to drift into their space before handing out flyers or information sheets. Some clubs have their own uniforms and insignias, while others have members that are so similar in appearance, it’s hard to believe they’re actually unrelated.

Before you give your nod to several clubs that seem fun to join, here are some tips on how to choose clubs.

Choose One or Two Potential Clubs to Join

Narrow down your options to five or less and then choose one that you intend to join, and another that you could join if you have extra time to spare. Better yet, join one club and wait a year before joining another. Because you’re still adjusting to college life, you may have less time to spare for extracurricular activities than you think. If you join too many, you may have to give up your weekends or shave a few hours off your study time to attend meetings. You’ll burn yourself out faster if you have too much on your plate on your first year.

Joining more than one club when you’re still coping with new class schedules may force you to spread yourself too thin. Remember that joining an organization is a commitment, and some clubs can drain your time as well as your energy as soon as you join. Some clubs may require daily rehearsals, while other clubs would require you to attend off-school activities.

Consider Your Skills and Interests

Skill-based clubs like the music or drama club may require an audition. Many college clubs related with the performing arts take their craft seriously. After all, if your major is related in any way to music or theater, being in this group can get you started in your chosen career.

Plus, joining and being an active member would look great on your resume. Your future employers would always look at your list of extracurriculars out of genuine curiosity and because they want to know how well-rounded you are. Joining clubs can be great for student athletes hoping to go pro someday. You can practice your skills off-season and you have a better chance of being scouted because of the exposure that the practice games afford.

When it comes to college clubs, there are no wrong groups to join. But some students join clubs for the wrong reasons. You should consider how you would feel when you’re a part of the club, especially if you’re joining because your friend is or because there are some people in the club that you would want to hang out with. Never join because of peer pressure, especially if you’re really not into what the club represents. Always ask yourself if the mission statement of the club is a reflection of your own personal philosophy.

Types of student organizations:

  • Academic Associations
  • Athletic Groups
  • Communication Groups
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Honors Organizations
  • Language Groups
  • Literary Clubs
  • Military Groups
  • Musical Clubs
  • Religious Organizations
  • Service Organizations
  • Social Clubs
  • Support Groups
  • Student Government Association
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