9 Practical Tips for Recent College Graduates

Last Updated on December 8, 2016

Tips for Recent College GraduatesYou recently managed to graduate from college? Congratulations on the success! You went through one of the most exciting periods of your life, and now it’s time for even greater challenges. Are you prepared for the real world? You’ll need to break your way into the workforce sooner or later. Instead of leaving things to chance, you should determine your goals and make your best efforts to achieve them.

1. Explore!

Take the time to visit an unusual destination and think about the meaning of life. The thoughts of getting a job or promotion may preoccupy your mind, so you might forget there are more important things you should be concerned about. If you have a chance to grab your passport and go to Egypt, don’t even think about it. Even a more humble destination will help you clarify your thoughts, so take your best friend on a road trip. Give yourself some time before committing to the 9-to-5 schedule.

2. Continue learning!

Learning is a lifelong process. Now that you are out of college, you may even like it! You’ll be free to explore your greatest interests and spend days reading news and publications that boost your personal development. Don’t allow yourself to become lazy. Potential employers will easily notice your slide, so make sure to refresh your base of knowledge from time to time.

3. Take part in alumni activities

The alumni network is full of opportunities. These people have been in your shoes, so most of them are ready to offer recommendations and resources. If you didn’t take advantage of the career center before graduation, now is the time to develop connections and become an active alumnus.

4. Be a persistent job hunter

This journey won’t end until you land the perfect position for your skills. Recent graduates have a hard time getting to that point. You are taking your first steps into the job market, so don’t be discouraged if the entry positions don’t match the dreams you had before graduation. You need to set realistic goals. You sent ten applications and never got a call for an interview? Guess what: you’ll have to send many more before you land a great opportunity. No one said it would be easy, so stay on track and do not spend your days on the couch.

5. Create the perfect resume!

You cannot send the first resume you created as a college student. Make this document absolutely perfect! If the job position allows for some creativity, try crafting an awesome infographic resume that showcases your design skills. It’s really important to capture the hiring manager’s attention. Highlight your most valuable experience and skills. The cover letter is also really important since it shows your true interest in the particular position.

6. Save your money

Budgeting is a skill you have probably mastered as a college student. There are no more excuses; you need to be a responsible adult. If you’re still not making enough money on your own, you need a spending and savings plan that will drive you to a better future. When you land a good job, you’ll understand that it’s still important to be in control over the money you’ve earned with hard work.

7. You found a job? Don’t get consumed by it!

This is one of the greatest mistakes that recent graduates make: they get so obsessed with their first jobs that they forget all other interests they used to have. It is really important to have time for your friends and hobbies. Having a job doesn’t exclude these aspects of your life. You should set limits between working hours and personal time. When you respect yourself, your employers will respect you as well.

8. Don’t take rejection personally

Consider it this way: every rejection opens space for greater opportunities. You won’t be unemployed for a lifetime, so pick yourself up and continue the search with unshaken self-esteem. Every job hunter faces the same difficulties. With time, you’ll understand those obstacles have made you stronger and more committed.

9. Walk your own journey

If you try following someone else’s footsteps, you’ll end up disappointed because making the same efforts won’t get you comparable results. Each graduate has to clear his own path. Reach out to different people and don’t stop making contacts. It’s not bad to admire someone else; just don’t be intimidated by their success and don’t try to achieve results by copying their efforts. You have your own things to prove and unique goals to reach.

10. Be grateful

You are the only person responsible for the career you’re about to build, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be entirely independent. Don’t fail to appreciate the support your family and friends are giving you. Think about the professors who provided their honest recommendations and pushed you to make great things happen. When you reach stardom, don’t forget to show appreciation to the people who were there for you through hard times.

Did you find these tips inspiring? It’s time to get out of your shell and break into the real world!

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