Career Exploration

Now what? How To Choose A Career

You made it through four years and are nearing the end of the tunnel – now what? Figuring out how to choose a career can be just as challenging – if not more so – than picking a college major or deciding to go to college in the first place. With so many options, it’s easy to stumble and end up pursuing something that later turns out to be a bad fit. Let HBCU Lifestyle help with articles profiling career paths both new and tried and true.

There are literally thousands of options available to today’s graduates – many more than years past. They range from the traditional – a realtor, attorney or even stock broker – to the unique: Careers such as actuary or polygraph examiner are growing in popularity. Learning not only about the primary duties of a career but reading about the day-to-day routine can help tremendously as you struggle with how to choose a career.

Check out some of the careers below and come back often for updates on unique career paths. Maybe one will be perfect for you.

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