Urban Outfitters Summer Internship Elevates HBCU Talent with Exclusive Collection

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Urban Outfitters Summer Internship Program students pose for a group photo.

Urban Outfitters has launched its Urban Outfitters Summer Internship Class Collection, a celebration of talent, creativity, and resilience from five extraordinary HBCU students. This game-changing initiative not only supports these students but also enriches the HBCU community at large.

A Collaborative Fusion of Excellence

Building on the success of 2021’s inaugural Summer Class Collection, in 2022, Urban Outfitters embarked on a 10-week design internship for students attending five renowned Black Colleges: Morehouse College, Tennessee State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and Hampton University.

Meet the Interns Behind the Masterpieces

Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Purpose

Diving deeper into the profiles of the remarkable students in this Urban Outfitters summer internship program, we find a blend of distinct educational backgrounds and creative aptitudes, all rooted in the culture and values of their respective HBCUs.

Sade Holt – Hampton University

Sade Holt

Sade Holt is a fashion design major from Hampton University, known for its focus on holistic education.

During her internship, Sade concentrated on designing tees that feature Hampton’s Pirate Mascot. She also incorporated Hampton's school colors and motto, “The Standard of Excellence,” into her designs.

Bishr Burns – Morehouse College

Bishr Burns, Morehouse College

Bishr Burns is a business major from Morehouse College, an institution celebrated for developing leadership qualities in men.

Bishr used his business acumen to analyze consumer behavior, guiding the team on how to market to the HBCU audience effectively. His designs gave a nod to “Mother Morehouse,” and he also worked on promotional strategies, introducing the collection to the Morehouse community.

Mike Tambashe – North Carolina Central University (NCCU)

Mike Tambashe

Mike Tambashe is a visual arts major from NCCU, a school known for its robust arts and humanities departments.

Mike delved deep into NCCU's rich history and traditions. He designed a range of sweatshirts incorporating the NCCU eagle and the school motto, “Truth and Service.”

Faith Reeves – Tennessee State University

Faith Reeves

Faith is a textile engineering major from Tennessee State University, famous for its engineering programs.

Faith merged modern fashion elements like crop tops and oversized tees with iconic Tennessee State symbols. She played a key role in material selection, ensuring sustainability and quality.

Mya Harris – North Carolina A&T State University

Mya Harris

Mya Harris hails from North Carolina A&T, known for its STEM programs and strong emphasis on research.

Mya celebrated the vibrant life at A&T by designing accessories like backpacks and face masks. She integrated A&T’s school colors and its famous “Aggie Pride” slogan into her pieces.

These students, representing a diverse set of HBCUs and academic disciplines, have made the most of this Urban Outfitters summer internship. They've achieved more than just creating a clothing line; they've managed to encapsulate the spirit and pride of HBCU culture.

The Collection: A Mirror of HBCU Essence

Intricate Designs

From trucker hats to satin bomber jackets, the range is extensive. But it's the cultural nods like school colors and mottos that make the collection stand out.

Different advice, what Makes This Unique?

Unlike typical intern sales associate experiences, this program provides hands-on exposure to internships in omni operations, making it invaluable for the budding designers.

Elevating HBCUs through Campaign and Marketing

The interns didn’t just design; they modeled their creations, amplifying their personal brands and the HBCU heritage they represent. These assets will feature prominently on Pennsylvania Urban Outfitters site and social media channels.

Impact Beyond the Closet

The Financial Win

Proceeds from the sales will result in a $55,000 donation to the participating HBCUs, bolstering academic and sports programs.

Shop the Collection

Select designs are available in specific HBCU campus bookstores, making it easier for students to get their hands on these fashionable pieces.

👉🏾 Don't miss this opportunity to support HBCU talent. Shop the collection online today.

The Urban Outfitters Summer Internship collection is more than just apparel; it's a statement of what HBCUs stand for—excellence, resilience, and undeniable talent.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Summer Internships FAQs

How much does URBN pay their interns?

Pay varies based on roles and responsibilities.

Is summer internship worth it?

Absolutely, it provides invaluable real-world experience.

Can you do a summer internship?

Yes, most academic programs encourage summer internships.

How many months is a summer intern?

The Urban Outfitters program lasts for 10 weeks.

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