YARDCON 2023: The Game-Changing Conference for Black Students

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

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YARDCON, the groundbreaking collaboration between Advertising Week and Watch the Yard, heralds a promising future for Black students and recent graduates. It's an unparalleled opportunity to bridge the gap between education and career, bringing together industry experts, recruiters, and students in a dynamic environment. This year, with the much-anticipated in-person event, YARDCON's impact is set to reach new heights.

YARDCON's Remarkable Evolution

Starting as a beacon of hope during the pandemic in 2020, YARDCON swiftly positioned itself as an essential resource for Black students nationwide. From virtual beginnings to its current live format at Clark Atlanta University, this conference has constantly adapted, keeping its participants' needs at its core.

The Stellar Lineup: From Careers to Culture

The upcoming YARDCON promises a holistic experience. Participants can look forward to:

  • Engaging hands-on sessions with industry experts.
  • Informative tours of pioneering creative employers.
  • A comprehensive career fair.
  • Cultural immersion with music and related experiences.

The event's inclusive approach ensures nationwide participation, with content streaming for those who can't attend in person. Moreover, the event boasts participation from top-tier companies like Endeavor, GroupBlack, and Hartbeat, opening doors to a plethora of opportunities.

Speakers that Inspire

YARDCON isn't just about job opportunities; it's about inspiration and mentorship. Speakers like Byron Allen Bonin, Bonin Bough of GroupBlack, and AJ Andrews, the renowned MLBTV Host, promise to offer insights and narratives that will undoubtedly resonate with attendees, guiding them through the intricate dynamics of industries they aspire to join.

Words from the Visionaries

Jonathan Rabb, the driving force behind Watch the Yard, articulates it's ethos perfectly, emphasizing the enriching experiences it offers. On the other hand, Lance Pillersdorf of Advertising Week reinforces their commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders, making this collaboration a potent force in the world of academia and business.

Join the Movement For all HBCU students and recent graduates, YARDCON is not just an event – it's a movement. It's an avenue to be seen, heard, and most importantly, to evolve. YARDCON advertising week promises unparalleled access to knowledge, career opportunities, and a network that could shape your professional journey.

👉🏾 Registration is now open, so seize the opportunity to be part of something monumental.

Source: Advertising Week

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