HBCU Rankings 2024: Your Guide to Academic Excellence

Last Updated on February 10, 2024

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Why the HBCU Rankings 2024 Matter

As the deadlines for college applications get closer, you might be wondering, “Which school should I choose?” You're in luck if you're thinking about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The most recent rankings from U.S. News & World Report recently came out, and they are an great source of information that will help you make a smart choice. But HBCU rankings 2024 are more than just a list of numbers; they show how these schools have grown, worked hard, and never stopped trying to be the best. In this special section, we look at the most interesting parts of this year's HBCU Rankings 2024.

We break down the numbers and stories behind the rankings to give you the inside scoop on what makes these schools stand out. From their academic skills to their ability to help students move up in society, these rankings show which HBCUs are really making a difference. Read on to find the best school for you academically and, maybe, your future alma mater.

What's New in the 2024 Rankings?

  • A shift in weightage towards outcomes indicators like graduation and retention rates.
  • Peer assessment weightage remains at 20%.
  • 77 HBCUs were eligible for this list.

How Rankings Are Calculated

Curious about what goes behind these rankings? It's not just about SAT GPA and more. The new methodology focuses on outcome indicators (52%), peer assessment (20%), and other input measures (28%).

HBCU Rankings 2024 Top 25 List

*Schools tied for HBCU Rankings 2024

25Jackson State UniversityJackson, MS
24University of the District of
Washington, DC
22Norfolk State University*Norfolk, VA
22Fayetteville State University*Fayetteville, NC
21Clark Atlanta UniversityAtlanta, GA
19Lincoln University (PA)*Lincoln University, PA
19Elizabeth City State University*Elizabeth City, NC
16Winston-Salem State University*Winston-Salem, NC
16Virginia State University*Petersburg, VA
16Bowie State University*Bowie, MD
15Dillard UniversityNew Orleans, LA
14University of Maryland, Eastern
Princess Anne, MD
13Fisk UniversityNashville, TN
12Morgan State UniversityBaltimore, MD
11North Carolina Central UniversityDurham, NC
9Delaware State University*Dover, DE
9Claflin University*Orangeburg, SC
7North Carolina A&T State University*Greensboro, NC
7Hampton University*Hampton, VA
6Xavier University of LouisianaNew Orleans, LA
5Morehouse CollegeAtlanta, GA
4Tuskegee UniversityTuskegee, AL
3Florida A&M UniversityTallahassee, FL
2Howard UniversityWashington, DC
1Spelman CollegeAtlanta, GA

Notable Highlights: The Shining Stars in HBCU Rankings 2024

Delaware State University: Commitment to Excellence

Delaware State University holds the No. 3 public and No. 9 overall position among HBCUs, showcasing its dedication to academic rigor and student support. Provost Saundra DeLauder attributes the ranking to a continued commitment to student success, positioning the university as a model for academic quality.

Tuskegee University: Empowering through Education

Tuskegee not only ranked No. 4 among all HBCUs but also clinched No. 1 in Top Performers on Social Mobility in the South. These accolades reflect the university’s focus on elevating students to new socioeconomic heights through high-quality education.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore: A Rising Star

UMES made a significant leap to No. 14 among HBCUs, its highest rank since U.S. News introduced the HBCU category. The rise in ranking is a testimony to the university's commitment to academic excellence and community stewardship.

Florida A&M University: Consistency Is Key

FAMU secured its position as the No. 1 public HBCU for the fifth consecutive year. Furthermore, it leaped 13 slots in the best national public universities list to tie at No. 91. This remarkable achievement underlines FAMU’s consistent focus on academic excellence and public engagement.

Spelman College: A Legacy of Leadership

Spelman College retains its No. 1 position among HBCUs for the 17th consecutive year, confirming its status as a powerhouse for academic quality and social impact in the Black community.

Which Schools Are Making Strides?

Schools like Alcorn State University and Fort Valley State University are climbing the ladder and can't be ignored!

Programs That Might Interest You

Wondering about the courses that can set you on a successful path? From engineering to liberal arts, Florida A&M University and other HBCUs offer diverse programs that cater to your interests.

HBCU Rankings 2024 FAQs

What is the #1 HBCU in America 2023?

In 2023, Spelman College held the title as the #1 HBCU in America according to the U.S. News & World Report. This Atlanta-based, all-women's college has consistently shown its commitment to academic excellence and social impact. For 17 consecutive years, Spelman has earned this top spot, highlighting its pivotal role within the Black community and in the broader landscape of American higher education.

What is the nations #1 HBCU?

The nation's #1 HBCU for 2024 is also Spelman College. It’s worth noting that their curriculum, faculty quality, and student engagement are often cited as key reasons for their recurring top ranking. Additionally, Spelman has notable programs that enhance the social mobility of its graduates.

What is the #2 ranked HBCU?

For 2024, Howard University took the second spot in the HBCU rankings. Located in Washington, D.C., Howard has a rich history and offers a wide range of academic programs. Its School of Law, College of Medicine, and School of Business are particularly esteemed, making it a well-rounded institution that continually fosters academic and professional growth for its students.

Which HBCU is ranked the highest among public schools?

Florida A&M University (FAMU) maintains its top spot as the highest-ranked public HBCU for the fifth consecutive year. In addition to being the No. 1 public HBCU, FAMU also impressively broke into the top 100 among the best national public universities, landing at No. 91. This reflects FAMU's commitment to providing a high-quality education that is also accessible to a broader range of students.

Why You Should Care About the 2024 Rankings

Choosing an HBCU is a big decision. The latest rankings give you an overview of what each school offers, from GPA and more SAT requirements to specialized programs. So, have you made your pick yet?

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