Pay Scale Comparison: Nurse vs. Lawyer

Last Updated on April 17, 2013

Pay Scale Comparison: Nurse vs. Lawyer

The view that lawyers mint money is quite popular in public. Keeping this in mind, many parents and elders are seen advising the young ones to opt for a degree in law at both bachelors and masters level. However, the field of nursing has come under spotlight in recent years. Increasing numbers of students are opting for professional degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the hope of making a career in the field of healthcare.

As of now, the healthcare sector is understaffed in various states across the country. There is immense potential for nurses in hospitals to rise up the social ladder. Contrary to popular belief that nurses do not earn much, statistics and figures show that the annual salary of registered nurses has increased considerably over the years. As a matter of fact, a registered nurse now earns almost equally, if not more than a lawyer. This speaks volumes of the potential this sector has for students. The increase in the average salary of nurses all across the country has motivated many young students to opt for degrees in healthcare.

With a nursing degree, one can pursue jobs in various sub-categories and all of them are equally rewarding. The field of nursing is one of those practical fields where the growth potential is astounding, both in monetary terms and from the learning point of view. The myth that nursing degrees are of no use and nurses cannot become a part of the “socially respectable strata” of society needs to be debunked.

This nurse earns more than lawyer

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