Online MBA: How This Degree Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Earning a graduate degree such as an online MBA takes hard work and dedication. However, your efforts can give you a competitive advantage. Not only can a master's degree in business administration add instant credibility to your resume, it also delivers other benefits such as higher salaries and better opportunities. Here's a look at how earning an online MBA could set you apart.

Instant Credibility

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder at your existing job or plan on venturing out elsewhere, having an MBA listed next to your name shows decision makers that you have what it takes to succeed in the business world. The fact that you have dedicated an extra two years to developing your business knowledge and skills is impressive in its own right. More importantly, the knowledge and skills held by MBAs are highly desirable and could give you the edge over other job candidates.

Broader Skillset

MBA programs allow you to acquire specialized skills that will serve you well throughout your career. Naturally, you'll master advanced business administration topics; however, you'll also learn how to think critically, improve your oral and written communications skills, and fine-tune your decision-making and problem-solving skills. All of these skills can set you apart from your competition.

More Opportunities

While a bachelor's degree opens many doors, some doors remain shut – unless you have a master's degree. As you pursue your MBA degree, formerly locked doors will begin to open. For example, your current employer may promote you as you become better qualified for more advanced work. Once you have your degree, you will then qualify for any number of executive-level business administration jobs.  

Better Pay

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for top executives in 2010 was $101,250 per year. Chief executives earned even more with an annual median pay of over $165,000. General and operations managers earned a median salary of $94,400. Top executive jobs like these typically require at least a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration.

All of the above are compelling reasons to consider pursuing a master's degree. Online MBA degree programs are a convenient and flexible choice, allowing you to study business administration while continuing to work. Like traditional MBA programs, online programs explore business administration topics in depth and require extensive research, active participation, case studies, and more.

While the delivery method is innovative and flexible, the coursework is just as intense as traditional classroom-based graduate programs. While it may not be easy, if you're driven to succeed and passionate about your chosen career path, you should start to see the benefits of an MBA materialize in your own life. As you work your way through the program, your competitive edge is sure to get sharper with each course you complete.

Sarah Rawson is an avid researcher and freelance writer. She has recently been researching various MBA specializations and contributing her findings to various career orientated blogs.

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