Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship – Tips for High School Sweethearts

Last Updated on August 2, 2014

Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship - Tips for High School SweetheartsIt can’t be helped. Your high school sweetheart got accepted in another school several states away, but you refuse to break up because of distance. The question is: will a long distance relationship work?

College may simply be a few years, and that would hardly make a dent if you consider how long forever is, but there are many challenges for high school couples to face if they plan on sticking to their commitment despite the time away from each other. The solution is: make your long distance relationship work. Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Stick to the Plan

The plan is simple enough. Both sides attend college, earn a degree, get a good job, and then plan where they want to live and afford the best kind of life in the future. Being apart shouldn’t change the plan, but this, however, is easier said than done. Both have to deal with attractive new prospects in college, which could shake the foundations of any strong relationship.

There are many success stories about high school couples finding their way back to each other after college, and there are many more about those that never lost connection despite being apart. They must have stuck with the idea that they are meant for each other, and that the commitment they made together in their late adolescence were solid.

Tip #2: Accept Changes

The fact is, your viewpoint may drastically change when you’re exposed to different cultures. And, this change may affect your feelings for your current relationship.

The core of a person doesn’t change, but everything else will, including your partner’s fashion sense, political views and social interactions. That’s what growing up is all about. College is the best time to explore what you’re capable of, and your significant other is doing the same thing. When you talk again, you may discover that your partner has been changing steadily, sharing new realizations and discoveries with you. This could throw you off if you stubbornly refuse to accept that your partner is capable of changing.

Are all changes good? No. Some changes are brought on by temptation to date other people. You or your partner may think about splitting up just to accommodate these other opportunities for romance.

Tip #3: Touch Base

High school suddenly seems so childish and immature, and feeling like your high school relationship is a part of your childhood is natural. The challenge is to keep changing, but never failing to touch base whenever you can. And, don’t panic when the frequency of calls and texts tapers off. If you used to call each other every day during your first few months in college, this may soon change to once a month when the college stuff piles up. This should be a good thing because you have more stories to share with each other, but the opposite could happen. Infrequent calls may be seen as inability to maintain the relationship.

Trust is at the core of any relationship, and this element becomes more significant if you’re determined to hold on to the relationship you started in high school.

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