How to Experience College to the Fullest

College brings some great experiences, which could positively affect every aspect of your life, from friendships to future business ventures and career. The more you are aware of these experiences, the more you can benefit from the time you spend in college.

College life may be consuming all your thoughts right now, but it’s a mere speck on your life map if you consider your future prospects, including your career, settling down and retiring. Taking from Walter Hagen, who coined the old cliché “don't forget to stop and smell the roses”, college is a short time, and before you know it, it’s over. While you should prioritize the challenges that need conquering, such as high grades and peer networking, you must also take the time to digest every college experience that comes your way, good or bad, and learn from it.

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your time in college.

Try New Things

The whole gang in your old high school would go nuts if they ever found out that you’ve been taking ballroom dancing lessons or attending poetry reading sessions once a week. But what other people think should never bother you, because you’re out there taking a risk, extending your knowledge and experiencing new activities.

Try new things, even those that you find odd for you to do, like for instance dancing, singing, ballet, poetry, cooking, ice hockey, fashion, yoga, ghost hunting and musical theater. In the future, you can bring up this experience to break the ice during a lull in the conversation or to connect with someone who has had the same experience.

Police Your Thoughts and Rein In Your Prejudices

Prejudices are generally considered in bad taste, but everyone has them, including you. Most of the time, you tend to clamp down on these prejudices because society tells you an overt showing of these is unacceptable. But they’re there, and sometimes, you can’t help but avoid the awkwardness of having to deal with people you secretly dislike because of these.

Never let your prejudices detract from the experience of being with new people and learning something from them. Clear your thoughts whenever you encounter someone you dislike because of your prejudices. At the same time, don’t mind the people who may show prejudice towards you. You don’t have to prove anything to them, and their negative thoughts are their own problem.

Unplug Yourself Every Once in a While

Wherever students are, they bring their gadgets along. They text, take calls and take photos wherever they go, and whoever they’re with. Being constantly online is easy with the constant wi-fi connection on campus. Doing all of this and not paying attention to what’s in front of you sullies the experience of walking to class with several new people.

Some online habits detract from great experiences rather than add to them. While it’s cool to post a photo of your dinner on your blog or on a social network, doing this every single time could ruin the experience of simply hanging out with new friends. The same goes for every single time you’re in a new place or doing a new thing. When you realize that there’s no pressure to stay plugged into the digital world, you can feel more connected with your friends and surroundings.

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