How to Choose the Best Job in Speech Therapy

Last Updated on December 11, 2013

Speech therapists usually devote a great deal of their time to their educational qualifications. In addition to a degree in speech therapy, many speech therapy jobs require a master’s degree and a license in order to work in the field. Therefore, speech therapists should secure the best jobs available in order to live up to their educational qualifications.

Most speech therapy jobs are found in the health sector or in educational settings. Most jobs in the health sector are found in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and specialist clinics. Additionally, speech therapists can work in primary and secondary schools to assist children with their speech and in universities as a lecturer in speech therapy. The availability of this range of jobs for speech therapists demonstrates that the profession has a wide array of job opportunities.

With all these jobs for speech therapists, it can be difficult to choose the best job. Well, if you are looking for your next career move in speech therapy, consider the following tips to select the best job:

Choose the setting you are most comfortable working in

Whether that is in education or a healthcare, make sure that you work in the sector where you are most comfortable and competent. If you enjoy working with children, you may consider a job in a school.

Evaluate your need for long-term employment

Most professionals prefer jobs that offer long-term employment, while others prefer the freedom of being employed on a contract basis. If you are considering stability and security, opt for jobs that offer long-term

Look for fulfillment

The best jobs are those that can offer you fulfillment in your profession. As long as you haven’t found the right job to fulfill your professional and personal needs, then you should keep searching for the right job for you.

speech therapyIf employment does not seem to offer what you really want in your career, you should consider private practice.  There are many speech therapists who are already running, or investing in, their own businesses, but not enough to offer tough competition. So, while the competition in the market is still low, you can actually invest in your own speech therapy clinic or practice.

Investing in your own business gives you more freedom when it comes to time and you also become your own boss giving you more fulfillment in your professional career. However, investing can be a difficult path especially for those who are new to running a business. It is a good idea to obtain professional advice on how to start your private practice. Nevertheless, you can start small by running your speech therapy practice from home and start investing once you get an adequate pool of clients.

Your investment in your chosen field may just give you the fulfillment, and the return of investment, that no other employment or speech therapy job can provide. So if you are looking for the best jobs in speech therapy, consider practicing your profession in your own private business.

The author, Denis Tan, is always at her feet to finding the best jobs online. She had a couple of jobs with her 12 years of experience in the occupational therapy field. With that, she boasts to be contented in her past two jobs, but seems to be looking for adventure. Now, she is working as a travel occupational therapist in a Advanced Medical, Travel Therapy Company.

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