Career Placement Tips for Recent Graduates

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Career Placement Tips for Recent Graduates

Do you know what you are going to do after you graduate college? The news is filled each day with stories of doom in the job market and increasingly high unemployment numbers. The crisis our nation faces with high unemployment is not one to take lightly, and as a recent graduate with limited experience, you may be nervous to think that you may not have enough to offer compared to others who are applying.

But in spite of the overwhelmingly negative reports, there are still employment opportunities out there for determined, smart individuals who know how to properly present themselves and how to use others for help in finding their perfect first job.

Here are four career placement tips to help you after graduation:

Solidify your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a quick, short statement about why the person you’re talking to should buy what you’re selling. In this case, you are selling your skills and abilities. Come up with a solid and memorable elevator pitch that can be used in interviews or at networking events. And here’s a hint: If you can’t remember your own elevator pitch without looking at a note card, the person you are delivering it to won’t either.

Have an air of confidence at each interview

Walk into each interview or networking event with shoulders back and head held high. It does not matter if you’re feeling shaky and scared inside, fake it until you make it. Practice answering tough questions or giving your elevator speech in the mirror so that you can see how you come across to the people on the other end.

Utilize the assistance of job placement agencies

If you’re unsure of where to start your search, use a local agency to help. Many companies only look here for the employees they need, so it can be a hidden gem to finding your ideal situation. Or, if you’re still uncertain of exactly what you want to do, find temporary job agencies and try out short-term employment. If you love a specific position, it may easily turn into a longer-term job later on down the road.

Tap into your network of resources

Use people in your community to help you. Simply let them know that you are looking, and if they hear of any positions, you would appreciate them remembering you. People love helping other people, so this can be another great resource.

This does not have to be a terrifying time. Prepare, and then psych yourself up for success. You will be better equipped to present and sell yourself over others vying for the same opportunities with just a simple amount of preparation.

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