3 Tips for Picking an Ideal Online MBA Program

Last Updated on October 25, 2013

3 Tips for Picking an Ideal Online MBA Program

Having an MBA degree has its own perks and gives you the needed competitive advantage. However, if you're looking at the option of getting an online MBA then you need to be sure of what program will work the best for you. You can't just pick a random program and go with it.

There has been growing interest in MBA distance learning. But then again due to this recent explosion, finding an online MBA program that helps you accommodate your schedule along with managing your current financial constraints is not easy. You not only need to ensure that you get your MBA from a good university, but pick the ideal program for you.

1: See if Online MBA is the Best Option for You

Before anything, you need to determine if online MBA will prove to be your best option. If you're able to be productive at home and find it easier to complete an assignment on your own without a professor pushing you, then maybe an online MBA can indeed work for you. MBA distance learning is definitely a trend that's growing with time.

Many employers today are accepting online degrees. However, since traditional MBA's have been available for a longer period of time, they hold more weight in comparison to their online counterparts. So with that in mind, carefully decide if you would like to go for an online MBA or not.

2: Go for an Accredited Online MBA

There's no doubt about the fact that the institution you choose to go for has to be properly accredited. You need to look for two important accreditations. Schools have to accreditation from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs and/or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

In addition to this, accreditation on the regional level is also important. In fact, it happens to be the most crucial accreditation of them all. Why? Because it's the regional bodies which establish program/learning outcome criteria. This is then applied to all the business schools operating in that region.

3: Find a Flexible School

The school that you choose to go for needs to be flexible, because there might be times when you need to put your studies on hold for a couple of weeks or even months. The online MBA program that you opt for has to accommodate your schedule. Find out how the schools offer classes and if they're flexible enough.

For instance, some schools might choose to offer some special classes only a few times annually. And then there could be others that can have two, three or more start dates every month for each of the classes.

What you basically need to find out is the number of course it takes to finish the program and how often these are available. Ask yourself, “If I need to take five weeks off, when can I get back on track?”. This will vary from program to program, just like your traditional ‘ground' programs. Choose a program according to your needs so that you don't face any problems in the long run.

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