Microsoft Internship: 12 Weeks of Hands-On Experience for Minorities

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Microsoft Internship: A view of the Microsoft signage in the hallway of the U.S. Microsoft offices.
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College students put themselves at an advantage when they enter an internship program while they're still completing their degrees. Employers often prefer applicants who not only excel in academic pursuits, but who also have work experiences by the time they graduate. For students who are majoring in computer-related courses and who would want to gain valuable work experiences, the Explore Microsoft Internship Program is the perfect choice.

General Information

The Explore Microsoft Internship  is a 12-week summer internship program which is designed specifically for college freshmen and sophomores. The aim of the internship program is to encourage the students to build a career in computer science and/or engineering. Students who would like to learn more about software development are given an opportunity to do so while working at Microsoft.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for Explore Microsoft should be freshmen or sophomores who are currently enrolled in a baccalaureate program majoring in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or other related technical studies.  Finalists must have already taken an Introduction to Computer science course and one semester of calculus (or equivalent courses) by the time the program starts.

Microsoft encourages applicants from underrepresented groups such as women, individuals with disabilities and from minorities such as African-America, Hispanics, American Indians, etc. The company is interested in applicants who have a passion for technology and would like to further their studies in software development.

What You Can Learn From The Microsoft Internship Program

If you are chosen to become an Explorer, you will be working in a team of three and will be completing a project for a specific product group. However, there will be some opportunities for you to attend discussions regarding various Microsoft technologies and to collaborate with some of Microsoft's employees. You will also gain exposure to the demands and responsibilities of the 3 core technical positions – Software design, Software Design Engineer in Test and Program Manager.

Microsoft Internship Benefits

On top of the rare opportunity of getting exposed to the work culture and environment of Microsoft, you will also enjoy other benefits for being an Explorer. The Microsoft internship program provides competitive pay, training, transportation and relocation expenses, if necessary.

Application Procedures

Prepare your resume, which should include your e-mail address, permanent address and phone number, school address and phone number, intended major and expected date of graduation. You need to include in your resume a list of courses that you are currently taking (under Skills and Qualifications field). Resumes must be written in English. You can apply online visit Microsoft's careers page or give your resume to a Microsoft recruiter who may visit your campus during career fairs.

If you are seriously planning a career as a computer programmer, software developer or computer engineer, consider joining the Internship Program. You will not only gain valuable work experiences, but you will also get the rare chance of collaborating with people who move one of today's institutions in computers and information technology.

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