Apply for the IDEAtor Apprenticeship: Accelerate Your Market Research and Insights Career

A recent African American male college graduate, dressed in a shirt and tie and holding his diploma, sits cheerfully on the steps of his college campus, eager to begin his IDEAtor apprenticeship adventure.

At HBCU Lifestyle, we are always working behind the scenes to provide HBCU students, alumni, and supporters with new opportunities and resources. That’s why we’re excited to team up with the industry-leading Insights Association to share with you the extraordinary 2023 IDEAtor Apprenticeship for Market Research and Insights Careers.

What is the IDEAtor Apprenticeship?

This unique opportunity provides a full year of internship-style paid entry-level training. The IDEAtor Apprenticeship is a fully remote, and it opens the door for talented, passionate, and curious individuals to learn the core skills of the market research and insights industry from seasoned professionals. Each IDEAtor will be assigned two 6-month apprenticeships at two different host companies.

There are many ways the IDEAtor Apprenticeship helps young professionals get their first real job. From access to a large network of insights professionals, job boards, and a highly curated mentorship program, IDEAtor Apprentices are connected with decision makers who want to see them join the profession and make meaningful contributions.”

– Ana Maria Santos, Co-creator and Founder of Equitas Insight

Most importantly, the program provides exposure to a variety of experiences, including working with a variety of methodologies on a wide array of projects for companies in different industries. Through this they can get a true sense of the broad scope of work that is done in this field and make valuable personal connections along the way.” 

– Art Flanagin, Vice President, Communications at Insights Association 

How do I apply for the IDEAtor Apprenticeship?

If you want to start your career by working with the best and brightest companies in the research industry, we invite you to visit the program’s jobs page and fill out the 2023 IDEAtor Apprenticeship application form. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled, or until April 28, 2023.

Who are the best candidates to be an IDEAtor?

IDEAtors are recent college graduates and early-career professionals who want to share their perspectives to help brands, customers, and society solve problems and advance in a fulfilling career in market research and insights. 

Market research professionals have a wide range of educational backgrounds. Marketing, Economics, Psychology, Business, Sociology, and Data Science are just some of the common college majors that lead to careers in market research.

The insights industry could benefit from the diversity of the HBCU community in various ways. While we do have lots of gender diversity within the industry, we currently lack diversity in the areas of race and ethnicity. We aim to create a pipeline of highly skilled applicants to our host companies, and to do that successfully, we must intentionally source applicants from the HBCU community and welcome those graduates into our industry with open arms.

– Stefania Sarantis, Research & Program Management Associate at Equitas Insight

What benefits can I expect from the program?

  • Full-time, 12-month work placement: Participants will receive competitive pay, allowing IDEAtors to fully devote themselves to the job and gain more experience. 
  • Hiring opportunities at the end of the program: IDEAtors earn a program completion certificate and are invited to join an IDEAtor Job Board to access offers from host organizations and Insights Association members.
  • Cohort “Inclusive Insights” Project Work: The program will share IDEAtors’ research findings and recommendations with the Insights Association’s members, advancing Inclusive Insights knowledge in the industry.
  • Work Rotation: Two 6-month job placements in different companies, maximizing exposure to different methodologies, cultures, ways of working, and ways of learning.
  • Structured Learning: One week onboarding with insights, leadership, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) experts, plus bootcamps to develop skills in research and insights.
  • Support Network and Community: Dedicated mentors and supporters ensure fair support and access to resources needed to succeed throughout the IDEAtor Apprenticeship journey. 

What kind of salary can an entry-level market researcher expect after completing the program?

The salary range for entry-level market researchers can vary depending on factors such as location, industry, employer, education level, and experience.

Glassdoor reports that the average base pay for an entry-level market research analyst in the United States is around $54,000 per year. However, the salary range can be quite broad, typically ranging from around $38,000 to $72,000 per year.

Market research and insights analysts in the United States earned a median annual salary of $65,810 as of May 2020, with the lowest 10% making less than $34,350 and the highest 10% making more than $126,280, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What organizations will the selected innovators collaborate with?

Over the course of a year, each IDEAtor Apprenticeship participant will be assigned to two different host companies. These are some of the high-profile hosts for this year’s program, with more on the way:

About the IDEA Council

The Insights Association, through its IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) Council, works to fulfill a mission to deliver measurement, education, and standards of excellence to address the lack of representation in the insights profession and the populations it researches.

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