Justice Impacted People to Receive Digital Skills Training from Jarvis Christian University

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Justice Impacted People to Learn On-Demand Digital Skills

Jarvis Christian University is one of seven organizations in Texas funded by Google to help justice impacted people affected by incarceration gain digital skills to advance their economic opportunities.

The seven organizations include Jarvis Christian University; Texas Incarcerated Families Association (TIFA); Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (TORI); Digital Workforce Academy; ITExperience, Inc.; 1st Million; and Prairie View A&M University Cooperative, Extension Program.

In June, Google shared that it is investing $4 million toward a new fund to expand its justice reform work. Over 500 nonprofit organizations across the country applied to receive support from the fund. Google selected these seven organizations in Texas based on their history of helping justice impacted people affected by incarceration to receive training, career resources, and job placement support. These seven Texas organizations will use the new funding to integrate Google’s digital skills curriculum into existing programming to help justice impacted people affected by incarceration learn skills for today’s jobs.

“Jarvis Christian University is committed to providing a pathway for persons who have been incarcerated by extending to them the opportunity to prepare themselves for gainful employment…We look forward to offering Google Applied and Digital Training that will be beneficial to the individual and their families through the resources provided by the Grow with Google Grant.”

Jarvis President Lester C. Newman

More than 600,000 justice impacted Americans leave incarceration each year and face higher jobless rates than the U.S. average. In addition, the lack of technology in prison creates further barriers to employment, as digital skills are increasingly essential in the current job market.

For more information about Jarvis’ involvement in the Grow With Google program, contact Jarvis’ Adult and Continuing Education Program Dean, Dr. Dorothy Langley, by email at dlangley@jarvis.edu or Jarvis Criminal Justice Chair, Dr. Melody Threadcraft at mthreadcraft@jarvis.edu.

“All members of the workforce should have access to the skills training and training and resources that will move our economy forward…That’s why I’m pleased to see so many Texas-based nonprofits selected for the Grow with Google Fund for Justice Impacted Communities, which will help provide the resources to train and upskill previously incarcerated individuals as they prepare to reenter the workforce and help grow our economy.”

Nicole Collier

“As we work to create a more inclusive economy, we’re committed to helping people impacted by incarceration access training for today’s jobs. We’re proud to work with outstanding partners to ensure more people can qualify for great jobs and create a new beginning for themselves and their families.”

Grow with Google Senior Manager, Tia McLaurin

The program’s training includes five learning paths that Google developed in collaboration with nonprofit partners: (1) Getting Started with the Basics, (2) Job Search, (3) Job Readiness, (4) Online Safety, and (5) “Next Step” Job Readiness Skills.

Lessons vary from fundamental digital skills, such as how to apply for jobs online and create a resumé, to more advanced topics, including entrepreneurship and business budgeting. Partners will integrate this curriculum into their existing programs to help justice impacted people develop skills that will help them get a job or start a business.

Over 90,000 Justice Impacted People Have Benefited

Since launching in April 2021, Grow with Google’s program has helped more than 90,000 justice impacted people affected by incarceration obtain digital skills. To date, Google has given over $48 million in Google.org grants and committed 50,000 pro bono hours to advance criminal justice reform. Learn more about how Google is expanding access to digital skills training to support individuals impacted by incarceration

Grow with Google was started in 2017 to help Americans grow their skills, careers, and businesses. It provides training, tools, and expertise to help small business owners, veterans and military families, job seekers and students, educators, startups, and developers. Since Grow with Google’s inception has helped more than nine million Americans develop new skills. Grow with Google has a network of more than 8,500 partner organizations like libraries, schools, small business development centers, chambers of commerce, and nonprofits to help people coast-to-coast.

Source: Jarvis Christian University

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