How to Get Your Degree Without Leaving Your Family?

Last Updated on November 17, 2012

A career change occurs for many reasons. Your current job prospects might be low due to a highly competitive job market, or your interest in your current career might be dwindling. Whether you are looking for a more enjoyable position or one that puts you and your family in a better financial position, making a career change is a challenging decision. Often, a career change calls for a new degree in a new field. Reentering academia might intimidate you—classes and the ensuing schoolwork might leave less time for your family. However, if you choose the right degree program, you can boost your credentials, improve your marketability, and balance family and school at the same time.

Online Programs

Balancing family and school is easiest when you pursue an online degree. Online degree programs are easy to find in this technological age, and many of these programs are designed for nontraditional students—that is, students who are not fresh out of high school but, instead, those students who are reentering academia after working. Online programs allow you to take classes from the comfort of your home; you can watch virtual lectures, participate in class discussions, and complete and submit assignments all through this online interface.

Degree Choices

Online degrees do not limit your career prospects. In addition to making your education easier on your family life, online degrees are available in a range of fields. In fact, you can find online degree programs in fields that are booming, such as the healthcare sector. For example, an online program in health administration prepares you for leadership in this growing, thriving field. You can improve your leadership skills while considering health management strategies , health information technology, and improved quality of care. If a career in healthcare interests you, an online degree program is the first step in a rewarding and successful career.

Advantages of Online Programs

Although online degree programs require work and focus, they do not consume as much of your life as a traditional degree program. You do not have to take time out of your day to travel to campus and attend classes. In an online degree program, you can keep up with your classes and assignments at a time that suits you most. You might complete your assignments in the evening after work or during the afternoon when the kids are at school. Because online programs follow a less rigid schedule than traditional programs that have set class times, these programs work well for students hoping to balance their education and family life.

Additionally, online degree programs make programs more accessible. You are not bound to attending only the school in your town. If you live on the East coast, you can earn a degree from a school on the West coast without ever stepping foot on campus. As a result, you do not have to uproot your family—or leave them behind—as you pursue your degree. Online degree programs stabilize your family life while progressing your academic and career prospects.


Online learning has changed the face of today’s student. Nontraditional students can excel in these programs and properly balance their family lives at the same time. If a career change interests you, find an online degree program to improve your career prospects while maintaining your stable family life.

Neil Brandenberger is an independent education researcher and freelance writer. He has recently been sharing his findings on higher education blogs. Click here for more information about online degrees.

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