How to Get An Internship at Your Dream Company

An internship plays an extremely important role in getting hired for your ideal job since a leading factor in hiring decisions is your level of experience. One proven approach to gaining experience is to first be hired in an internship role at your dream company. This will not only help you to get accustomed to the culture and work environment, it will be extremely helpful in your future job prospects with the same company. Employers prefer to hire a person who they are familiar with and someone who has demonstrated their value to the company. Here are some helpful tips for getting your ideal internship.

Create Your Dream List

The first step is to determine which companies you would most like to work for. Take the time to develop a list of at least 10 companies where you would love to work. This will help you to streamline your career goals and put you in a position where you can focus your efforts solely towards the specific companies you want to work at instead of attempting to indiscriminately contact countless companies.

Follow the Company

Once you know the companies that you want to work for, you should thoroughly research the companies to learn as much as possible. You should keep yourself updated with the current news related to your company and also consider following their profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Keep a document or notebook where you collect all your company research.

Seek Feedback on Your Pitch

You should look for friends or relatives to review your resume and cover letters to learn from their feedback. Your internship pitch should be compelling and easy to understand. You might also seek help from a career coach who can identify any flaws in your approach or areas for improvement.

Nail Your Interview

If you receive a call from your dream company, you should be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. Prepare answers for common questions like “tell me about yourself.” Prepare talking points that will demonstrate how you can contribute to the company. Practice with a friend or coach and consider video taping a mock interview to learn how you can improve.

Justin Davis writes for Criminal Justice Degree Schools, a career site providing information for individuals interested in learning about getting started in the criminal justice field including interviews with law enforcement professionals and paralegals.

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