Healthy Living Tips for Surviving College Life

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

A black male HBCU student running on campus following healthy living tips.

Balance is the key word to staying fit and healthy during college. However, many college students will tell you that finding time for exercise when assignments, projects, and exams are upon you, can be easier said than done. Students often use the excuse of not having enough time to exercise for the extra weight they put on in college. But others are doing it right, and manage to look great in anything, even while cramming for exams just like everyone else.

The university years are golden, because this is the best time to make new friends, develop a good exercise routine, and enjoy your youth to the fullest. Here are some healthy living tips for students who want to get started with exercise and a good diet.

Healthy Living Tips for Exercising

Colleges and universities have one thing in common: spacious grounds. Think of the empty parking lot near your dorm, the soccer field, the smooth pavement around the school, or the big football stadium. No matter where you look, there’s always enough space to go running, hiking or throwing Frisbees. You'll notice that several students have already discovered these free exercise spots. Put on your running shoes and join the many others who are jogging in the morning or in the afternoon before dinner. If you have a bike, you can go riding in the morning.

Healthy Living Tips for Finding Support

Find a exercise buddy. Ask a roommate or classmate to go exercising with you. But don’t worry if no one in your immediate circle shares your passion to exercise. You will find many fitness buffs all over the campus, and the best way to find a workout buddy is to go out when many students are exercising outdoors. If you’re into sports, you can join an organization and find a buddy there. Additional healthy living tips include taking advantage of your school's facilities for tennis, volleyball or track and field, and you don’t want to waste the opportunity to use these facilities while you’re a student in the school.

Healthy Living Tips for Snacking

Keep healthy snacks around. One of the health mistakes that students make is to stock up on unhealthy food like junk food, chocolate, and soda. These recreational foods can store well and can tide you over until the next mealtime, but so do other healthier foods! Trail mixes with nuts and crackers can substitute for chips. Whole wheat bread is also great for snacks because you can eat it with anything, like the Vienna sausage or the can of corned beef you have in your dorm room cupboard. Plain water or fresh orange juice will also keep well, as long as you don’t drink directly from the container.

Healthy Living Tips for Eating Right

Trick yourself into eating right. When it’s three in the morning and you wake up to review for an exam, you’ll eat the first thing that you can get your hands on. If all you have are several slices of fruits in a small container in the fridge, then you have no choice but to eat them because you can’t go to the nearest convenience store. Tricking yourself into eating healthy food can break your habit of eating junk food while reviewing.

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  1. Excellent information here. The more we know about any subject, health included, the more we grow.

    You can’t un-ring the the bell. The seeds have been planted and hopefully your message will bring an increase in healthier choices within this segment of the population. Our good health should be a priority at any age.

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