HBCU Digital Arts Degree Program Options

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

HBCU Digital Arts Degree Program OptionsDigital artists, also known as multimedia artists, are persons who employ a wide range of media on their computers as a form of expression. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that over 60% of digital artists are self-employed, but for those who wish to work for companies, the high demand and lucrative offers continues to attract numerous people in this exciting occupation. Digital artists can find work at virtually any company that makes use of website maintenance, layouts, or graphic design; but there are also many opportunities being a self-employed digital artist.

Whichever way you prefer in the future, the most important concern you should have is getting the proper education. Many historically black colleges and universities also offer media and digital arts programs, which have been recognized around the country. Here are some HCBU’s you can look at to help you prepare for a career in the digital arts:

  1. Howard University: this school was established in 1867, and its school of communication is one of the most popular choices, currently educating over 1,400 students. Thousands more have graduated from Howard University’s Media Studies courses such as journalism, radio, communications, and television. Howard University currently offers a Master of Arts degree in mass communication, media studies, and various other joint programs and Ph D’s for those interested in media arts.
  2.  Morris College: Located in South Carolina, Morris College has been around since 1908, and is a member of the United Negro College Fund. It was originally established as a Baptist school, but Christianity is still evident in the school’s philosophy. If you are interested to take a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Media Studies or Communications, Morris College comes highly recommended.
  3. Florida A&M University: With over 600 students just in the media arts alone, Florida’s A&M University remains to be a top HBCU choice for those interested in digital arts. The school’s media program focuses on journalism as well as graphic design, with other courses in public relations, graphic communications, radio, magazine and broadcast journalism also available.
  4. Fayetteville State University: This school currently offers some of the newest media programs available in any HBCU. Students also have the option of enrolling in a wide variety of electives to support their courses. Fayetteville State University strongly promotes media arts for its students, as black students are encouraged to work in media.

Photo credit: The School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida Agriculture And Mechanical University.

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