HBCU Career Center Provides Job Resources for Students and Alumni

Last Updated on November 22, 2013

More and more students are attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in America and as their number increases, so are their needs for professional and career development. Unlike with other institutions out there, the responsibilities of HBCUs don't end when their students graduate. The current national trend shows a rapid increase in college tuition, and a steady decrease in the job market. Many college students are challenged to find job placement after graduation. Thankfully, organizations like the HBCU Career Center are here to assist HBCU students, alumni and staff.

Connecting HBCUs Everywhere

The HBCU Career Center was created to support the professional development of students, alumni, and staff of HBCUs all over the country. Specifically, these HBCU career centers offer assistance and guidance to all students who are graduating, looking for a job, or are currently unemployed. They also lend a hand to alumni and staff regarding their career growth and more.

Providing Much Needed Assistance

The HBCU Career Center aims to provide assistance in career search, job application, interviews, and a lot more to HBCU students, alumni, staff, and the communities they serve. They are here to answer your questions about HBCUs and other related topics. They play a significant role in helping African Americans reach success in life and be of service to their community.

Delivering High Value At No Cost

The HBCU Career Center is composed of experienced, well trained, and very knowledgeable professionals who offer their assistance to those who need them at no cost at all. HBCU Career Center website and blog features articles on how to ace an interview, prepare for college, excel in your career, and many more. These tips are applicable to your daily life and when applied can truly make a big difference.

In addition, the HBCU Career Center also features jobs and internships available for HBCU communities. You can search for the latest job openings in your area as well as internships where you can hone your skills.

Meanwhile, you can also post your resume for free. Allow employers to take a peek at your profile by submitting your resume to the site. This way you allow yourself to be contacted by possible employers who have job openings.

There are many students who are not sure when it comes to taking their first steps toward employment. If you're one of them, it's good to know that there's the HBCU Career Center that is ready to assist you. You can visit the HBCU Career Center website and blog for the latest updates, tips, and more.

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