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Did you graduate from a historically black college or university? You are not alone: there are millions of HBCU alumni network members across the United States, and every graduate plays an important role in shaping HBCU culture, values, and traditions for the next generation of African-American college students. If you are a historically black college or university alumni, HBCU Lifestyle will help you connect with other graduates, find one-of-a-kind merchandise, and share your successes with the HBCU community.

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Alumni Success Stories: Highlighting Successful Black College Graduates

Your life as an HBCU student doesn’t end when you graduate! That’s why we’ve created an HBCU alumni spotlight to showcase what some of the most talented HBCU alumni are up to after they walk the stage.
Gone are the days when black college graduates were disconnected after graduation. Now black collegiates are everywhere,, making strides across a variety of fields – and HBCU Lifestyle is here to highlight them. Find inspiration in the story of Florida A&M graduate-turned-filmmaker Akil DuPont or draw motivation from the long (and growing) list of HBCU alumni who went on to be renowned black poets.
Check our showcase of HBCU alumni often – one day maybe you too will join our list of black professionals!

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