7 Companies Where Accountants Are Living the Dream

Last Updated on August 22, 2023

A four-image grid of the corporate offices where accountants are living the dream, including Airbnb, Spotify, Fenty Beauty, and TikTok.

Did you ever think that accountants could set trends at TikTok, come up with new ideas at Airbnb, or change the game at Fenty Beauty? If you still think that accountants only crunch numbers and file taxes, it's time to get rid of those old-school ideas! Accountants are living the dream these days because they work in many different fields and for companies you love.

Let's dig into seven companies where accountants are changing their field, leading innovation, and changing the world we live in.

1. Airbnb: Revolutionizing the Travel Industry One Balance Sheet at a Time

At Airbnb, people who work with numbers do more than just keep the books. They are an important part of the company's culture of innovation. The home-sharing giant gives accountants the chance to learn how to deal with the problems of the growing sharing economy. Here, accountants are living the dream by shaping strategies that redefine how we travel and escape to dream destinations.

2. Spotify: Crafting the Playlist for Financial Success

Who wouldn't want to combine numbers and beats? At Spotify, accountants are living the dream because they get to work with the rhythm of change and diversity. They get to have a say in decisions that affect how people all over the world hear music. So, do you dream of becoming an accountant who sets the beat of the culture?

3. The Golden State Warriors: Scoring Big with Accountants

In the exciting world of professional sports, numbers are important for more than just keeping score. Accountants are living the dream with the Golden State Warriors. Managing the team's finances is just as exciting as watching a fast-paced basketball game. Is this the court of your dreams?

4. TikTok: Where Accountants are Behind the Viral Success

Think that accounting is just about books and balance sheets? Think again! At TikTok, the social media site with the most users and the fastest growth rate in the world, accountants play a key role in making sure that the viral dances and challenges keep coming. They figure out how to make money with digital content, influencer partnerships, and global reach. In essence, they are the financial wizards behind the scenes who make sure everyone keeps moving to the beat!

5. Etsy: Crafting a Global Marketplace with Accountants

Want to help global crafters and keep their finances in order? At Etsy, accountants are living the dream by helping small businesses and people who make things succeed. They handle a wide range of financial transactions that cross borders which has a large effect on the entire world. Seriously, how cool is that?

6. Fenty: Where Accountants Shape the Beauty Industry

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Are you ready to have an impact on what beauty will look like in the future? Accountants are living the dream as important parts of Rihanna's business empire at Fenty, where they help manage a wide range of financial transactions. They make sure that Fenty's goal of being open to everyone remains a core part of their business by managing financial implications and recommending manufacturing innovations. So, Fenty is the place to go if you've ever wanted to combine your love of numbers with your love of beauty.

7. Beyond Meat: Accountants Cooking Up a Sustainable Future

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Accountants are living the dream by taking care of the money at this innovative food tech company and making plant-based meat substitutes a popular choice. 

There’s no doubt that accountants are living the dream in so many different industries and in so many different ways. So, why not look into these options and see how you can make your career “count”?

Accountants are living the dream—and you can too! Explore Accounting+ for resources that work for you and can make your dream a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people love to be an accountant?

Accounting is more than just adding up numbers. It's a job that gives you the chance to help make strategic decisions and solve problems. Accountants have a clear path for their careers and a lot of room to grow and improve. Plus, in our ever-changing world, accountants are living the dream by working in many different fields, from tech and entertainment to sports and social impact Check out Des Clarke’s story and journey into accounting at Amazon.

Why do accountants love their jobs?

There are many reasons why accountants love what they do. The work is challenging and needs a strategic mind. They get to use their skills in many different fields and situations. Accountants also have a big impact on how healthy a company's finances are and where it wants to go. Many people find it rewarding to see how their work helps the business as a whole.

Do accountants have a good future?

Absolutely! From now until 2031, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) occupational outlook handbook says there will be more than 136,000 job openings for accountants each year. As businesses grow and rules get more complicated, there will be more need for skilled accountants. Accountants have a bright future, especially those who want to become CPAs.

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