5 Time Management Tips For High School Students

Last Updated on August 2, 2014

Time management is pivotal to the success of any task. High school life is often filled with a lot of activities which often require a lot of time from the student. If not well handled time can be wasted doing activities which often do not add value to the student's life. Striking a balance between academics and extracurricular activities is often the key to the success of a student. The following are 5 time – management tips for high school students that will help strike this balance.

Always have a to-do list

Most students in high school do not know exactly what they expect to do at the beginning of the day. This always leads to a lot of time being wasted since it takes them a lot of time to find out exactly what is to be done and during which time. Having a-to-do list will always help a student allocate his time to the various tasks that requires his attention and thus making him more productive. Difficult tasks should often be allocated more time and be placed at the beginning of the day when the student is fresh.

Have a schedule

For a student, having a schedule is always pivotal to effective time management. A student's success often hinges on how effective he utilizes his schedule. Plan everything well in advance in order to maximize on your time and limit the amount of time being wasted doing unnecessary things. A well thought out schedule will often result in effective time management hence less time wastage.

Do not procrastinate

According to research procrastination is perhaps the greatest way of wasting time for students. It is often a great idea never to put off something that you can do today to a later date.

Know your priorities

Most high school students do not know their priorities and thus end up doing things that they could easily have done on a later date. Not knowing your priorities often makes a student to put emphasis on things that are not urgent leaving things that are quite urgent. A well prioritized life makes the student more effective and less stressed.

Have plenty of sleep

A lot of students do not know this but sleep helps to reduce the amount of stress a student has. Many students find it easier to stay throughout the night studying or watching a movie instead of having that much needed sleep. Have you ever thought of just how much time you waste catching an afternoon nap instead of studying? Having a healthy sleeping pattern will not only help to reduce stress but make students more alert and able to carry out their schedule. Students should have plenty of rest in order to manage their time more effectively.

Time management is the prerogative of any student. Students who manage their time well are often more successful with their studies and end up getting better grades. Managing your time well determines whether a student succeeds or fails in his or her high school studies.

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