Top HBCU Online MBA Programs

Top HBCU Online MBA ProgramsThanks to recent initiatives to expand online master’s degree programs from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), students who wish to earn their MBA now have a number of options available for completing their advanced degree, often without even needing to set foot on campus. Whether you’re planning to pursue an MBA with your al ma mater or simply wish to obtain your degree from one of the nation’s HBCUs, you’ll be happy to see there are a multitude of HBCU online MBA programs currently offered.

MBA Programs Available Online

The most common HBCU online MBA programs include criminal justice, teaching, nursing, and public administration and leadership. Organizational management, economics, and public health, among other degree programs, are also available.

Education MBA Programs

HBCU online MBA programs in teaching and education range from elementary and middle grade to special education. Texas Southern University even offers an online MBA program in education administration. Teaching programs from HBCUs include:

  • Jackson State University, MS – Teaching
  • Kentucky State University, KY – Special Education
  • North Carolina Central University, NC – Elementary and Middle Grade Education
  • Winston-Salem State University, NC – Elementary Education

MBA Programs for Criminal Justice

The HBCU online MBA programs for criminal justice, or pre-law, include curriculums in criminal and juvenile justice. Alabama State University in Georgia and Fayetteville State University in North Carolina both offer criminal justice programs, while you’ll find the only HBCU online MBA program in juvenile justice is offered by Texas Southern University.

Leadership and Pubic Administration Masters Programs

There are a range of degrees offered in leadership, organizational management, and public administration. HBCU online MBA programs for leadership can be found at Tennessee State University and Virginia University of Lynchburg. Public administration programs are available from Prairie New A & M University in Texas and Florida’s Agricultural and Mechanical University.

The most unique of the HBCU online MBA programs in the leadership and public administration disciplines include the MBA in transformative leadership program at Bethune-Cookman University in Florida and the organizational management program at Virginia University of Lynchburg, which is specifically designed for leaders planning to manage religious organizations.

MBA Programs for Nursing and Public Health

Healthcare masters programs are not commonly offered online, but there are several HBCU online MBA programs to choose from in the medical and health administration fields. These include nursing MBA programs at Hampton University in Virginia and Tennessee State University, as well as the public health program at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

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