HL 030: HBCU Lifestyle’s Co-founder, Just Play Entertainment, and the Kresge Foundation

Last Updated on January 31, 2016

Garrick Gibson (Florida A&M University), Leia Avery (Tennessee State University) and Bill Moses (Kresge Education Division).
HBCU Lifestyle has become strong and resource for life at HBCUs so we turned to our fearless leader Garrick Gibson for this podcast. Also, we find out about board games with an urban twist. Finally, the Kresge Foundation pays the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast a visit to talk about their groundbreaking HBCU Initiative.


What was behind the founding of HBCU Lifestyle? What’s in store for 2016? Garrick Gibson, the co-founder of the site, visits the podcast to talk about the mission of HBCULifestyle.com. He also talks about audience feedback as well as what he has planned for this year.

Garrick is an HBCU legacy. Like his father Richard, who is the site’s co-founder, Garrick graduated from Florida A&M. Garrick’s son is a student at FAMU, and both Garrick's mother and wife are alumnae of Tuskegee.

About the HBCU Lifestyle family


Leia Avery wants to bring people together with fun. That is why the alumna of Tennessee State created a series of board games with her company Just Play Entertainment. Leia talks about her coming from a tradition of entrepreneurship and even gives a sample of a game.

Find your favorite game from Just Play Entertainment


From 2000 to 2005, the Kresge Foundation embarked on an unprecedented mission to help HBCUs with their advancement operations. The ambitious HBCU Initiative awarded five institutions grants and resources to build their advancement offices. Those institutions were Bethune-Cookman, Dillard, Johnson C. Smith, Meharry, and Xavier. Bill Moses, the managing director of Kresge’s education division joins the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast to talk about how those campuses benefited from the resources and training.

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