HL 048: Tips for Managing the Journey from HBCU to Doctorate

Last Updated on August 5, 2017

Halima Leak Francis

Just how challenging is it for an HBCU alumnus to pursue a doctorate? What are the pitfalls and what is the “fine print” of the experience? Halima Leak Francis, an HBCU alumna who is pursuing her Ph.D. from New York University, joined the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast to share her experiences and insights.

In a poignant interview, Halima talks about the challenges of her doctorate journey from an intellectual and emotional standpoint. She discusses the culture change of going from a bachelor’s at an HBCU to post-graduate work at a predominantly white institution. In the process, we learn that pursuit of a doctorate takes time and careful consideration as well as intentional management of the process. Halima gives tips for picking the right kind of academic path and institution in addition to tips for self-care during the process.

About Halima Leak Francis

Halima joined the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast for episode 28 when she gave fundraising tips for HBCU alumni associations. She is a charitable giving professional whose experience include institutional fundraising, non-profit consulting, and philanthropic consulting. Halima has served as a fundraising and sociology instructor in higher education. She has also written about giving for the Huffington Post and Black Enterprise, and she is also the author of the “Write to Bear Alms” blog. Halima earned her bachelor's from Hampton and her master’s in Educational Sociology from NYU. She is conducting her Ph.D. research on fundraising capacity-building at HBCUs.

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