New HBCU Pageant Announced for Women with Curves

Last Updated on June 3, 2013

Ms. Full Figured HBCU Pageant

Tired of watching stick-thin models walk the runway? Eager for a chance to show off your own unique sense of style, promote plus modeling and empower your fellow curvy HBCU students at the same time? If so, the newly announced Ms. Full Figured HBCU pageant is your chance!

Pageant Goals

Tonya Giddens
Tonya Giddens

Tonya Giddens, creator and Executive Producer of the pageant, is a former plus model who has appeared in Sister 2 Sister magazine as well as Fashion Manuscript, an insider publication known as the “Bible” of the industry. In addition to working as a model, runway coach and professional makeup artist, Tonya has made several national television appearances and is a graduate of Norfolk State University.

Tonya is also the Beauty Director of Full Figured Fashion Week, a groundbreaking and inspiring week-long fashion event which showcases full-figured beauty.

Through the Ms. Full Figured HBCU pageant, Tonya hopes to empower and encourage young plus-size women at HBCUs across the country by showcasing the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

Pageant Requirements

In order to be eligible, several conditions must be met. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) at an HBCU, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be in good standing (no suspensions or financial issues). They must also be eighteen years or older, born a female, have some runway experience and wear a dress size between 14 and 24. A great sense of style, poise and positive energy are all musts!

Two photographs (one head shot, one body) and one YouTube video submission are required. Photographs must not exceed 5MB. In photographs, applicants must ensure that they are the only person in said photograph, their face is clearly visible (no sunglasses). Self-portraits and smartphone pictures are not acceptable. Any picture or video which is sexually provocative will not be considered.

In each YouTube video, applicants must state their name, age, classification and school. Keep videos short, approximately three to five minutes. Videos should show each applicant's entire body from all angles, including walking toward and away from the camera. You can submit your pictures, video and required information on the Ms. Full Figured HBCU Contestants page.

Registering for the Pageant

Applying is free. Selected participants will be required to pay a $300.00 entry fee. They will also be required to sell at least ten tickets to the event. Participants must provide their own clothing for the event, showcasing their own signature style. One outfit should represent ‘urban chic,' while the other must be an evening gown. Please note that no black gowns will be allowed.

The Ms. Full Figured HBCU pageant is all about celebrating beauty in all its forms. The most important asset for any participant is a great attitude, showing the vibrancy, energy and diverse beauty that make up HBCUs!

1 thought on “New HBCU Pageant Announced for Women with Curves”

  1. Sigh– i suppose this is a sign of the times. The obesity epidemic is rising and more young people are overweight now than at any other time in our nation’s history. I guess at some point, we need to embrace this is our new normal. I suppose pageants like these help. I went to an HBCU in Virginia for undergrad in the 80’s and during that time, you never would have heard of such a pageant as most of us were thin to medium. Go to youtube and look at soul train clips and notice the dancers from the 70s (thin) and compare that with BET’s 106 & Park audience today (fat). When I went back to my college Homecoming a few years ago, I was shocked to see so many fat students. I had never seen so many fat Deltas and AKAs in my entire life. Instead of looking 21, they looked 41. Hopefully this pageant will encourage diet, exercise and an overall balanced lifestyle.

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