Most Affordable Colleges: Top 10 Small Private HBCUs

Bethune-Cookman University Signage in front of the historic White Hall, located at the heart of the Daytona Beach campus.

Although available courses, reputation and location are all important factors when choosing a college, the cost of attending school is also a large concern. Even with partial financial aid, covering all the costs associated with college – tuition, books, living arrangements – can be intimidating. For this reason, colleges are routinely ranked according to their average tuition.

As always, consider every aspect of a particular college before making your choice. If one of the most affordable colleges doesn’t offer the career path or reputation that you’re seeking, consider finishing your general education credits there. When you’ve finished, seek financial assistance to complete your degree at your university of choice.

This list of most affordable colleges consist of accredited small private Historically Black Colleges and Universities with an enrollment of less than 4,000 students. Each school’s combined tuition and fees total less than $15,000 per year based on 12-18 credit hours for the 2014-2015 school year. Room and board, meal plans, travel, clothing, books, and other personal expenses are not included in these fees.

Here are the most affordable colleges among small private HBCUs:

10. Florida Memorial University

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $14,776
Enrollment: 1,891

Offering both undergraduate and graduate studies, Florida Memorial’s beautiful Miami Gardens location attracts students from across the country. At their Graduate Studies school, MBA and MS (Education) degrees are offered. At their School of Arts and Sciences, students can pursue degrees in Aviation, Computer Science, Mathematics, Technology, Natural Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Visual & Performing Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, Business and Education.

9. Bethune-Cookman University

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $14,410
Enrollment: 3,578

Ranking in the top 10 of the national list, Bethune-Cookman is the most affordable HBCU in the country. Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, it offers great weather, loads of fun and interesting social activities for students in addition to an active campus life. Bethune-Cookman is home to seven schools: Business; Education; Nursing; Graduate Studies; Science and Engineering; Social Studies and Arts and Humanities.

8. Huston-Tillotson University

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $13,544
Enrollement: 904

Students who love music will enjoy Huston-Tillotson’s location in Austin, Texas, the live-music capital of the US. Virtually every type of music can be found on any night of the week. Academically, Huston-Tillotson offers a wide range of degrees via their College of Arts and Sciences, University College and School of Business and Technology.

7. Paine College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $12,832
Enrollment: 925

Located in Augusta, Georgia, Paine College has recently organized its offerings into just two schools. The School of Arts and Sciences offers degrees in the disciplines of Humanities; Mathematics, Sciences & Technology; and Social Sciences. The School of Professional Studies offers degrees in the disciplines of Business; Education and Media Studies.

6. Miles College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $11,754
Enrollment: 1,634

Located in Fairfield, Alabama, Miles College offers an active student and Greek life. Their degree options are broad and fall under six disciplines: Business: Communications; Education; Humanities; Social & Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

5. Wiley College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $11,382
Enrollment: 1,389

Located in Marshall, Texas and founded by Methodist Episcopal Bishop Isaac Wiley, Wiley College offers students a small-town atmosphere with expertly-taught courses. Divisions and Departments at Wiley include Business & Technology; Education; Sciences; Biology; Chemistry; Mathematics and Social Sciences & Humanities.

4. LeMoyne-Owen College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $10,680
Enrollement: 1,078

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, LeMoyne-Owen offers students a broad selection of minors and majors. Five schools of study offer a total of twenty-two areas of study, including the popular and lucrative Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science degrees. Students seeking a STEM career will find lots of choices at LeMoyne-Owen.

3. Tougaloo College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $10,400
Enrollment: 972

Located in the Mississippi town of the same name, Tougaloo College offers an incredibly diverse number of majors for its relatively small size. Students can choose from 29 specialties, ranging from STEM subjects to humanities to business.

2. Lane College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $9,780
Enrollment: 1,512

Another low-cost HBCU near a world-renowned music hotspot, Lane is located in Jackson, Tennessee, a short commute from Memphis. Lane students have a wide variety of selections at Lane’s three schools: Business and Social & Behavioral Science; Liberal Studies & Education; and Natural & Physical Sciences.

1. Rust College

Estimated tuition and fees per year: $9,286
Enrollment: 934

At Rust College’s relatively small campus in Holly Springs, Mississippi, students will find a world-class education with a small-town atmosphere. Rust offers degrees in Business, Education, Humanities, Science & Math and Social Science.

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