Top 8 Most Innovative Small HBCU Business Schools 2015

Last Updated on October 28, 2015

Tuskegee University School of Business and Information Science students.
We all know that the job market is a struggle. The journey to find the right and best employment opportunity begins with the right resume. Nowadays employers take business schools seriously more than ever and candidates with a relevant qualification from an institution of good standing have an extremely valuable advantage. If you are on the lookout for the school that is best for you, put yourself in the shoes of your future employers before finalizing any college or degree program. What is it that will impress them and how will your choice sell you as an individual?

Business research guide has made this job easier for you by evaluating various small college  business departments to find the best small HBCU business schools that are innovative in terms of degrees they offer and their instructional approaches. Following is the rating and ranking methodology they have used followed by the top 8 most innovative schools of 2015:

Rank University Location
11 Tuskegee University, Andrew F. Brimmer College of Business and Information Science Tuskegee, AL
12 West Virginia State University, Department of Business Administration West Virginia
24 Albany State University, College of Business Georgia
31 Paine College, Department of Business Augusta, GA
43 Coppin State University, College of Business Baltimore, MD
44 Elizabeth City State University, Department of Business and Economics Elizabeth City, NC
48 Johnson C. Smith University, Department of Business Administration Charlotte, NC
50 Dillard University, College of Business New Orleans, LA

Rating and Ranking Methodology

The Business research guide ranking rests on three pillars: Progressive Majors and/or Course Offerings, Global Business Emphasis and Wow factor (each unique feature or program). For each aspect further divided into categories 2 or 1 points were awarded. The following schools have been rated as result of their size ((i.e. under 5000 undergraduate students) and applying the rating methodology discussed.

The complete listing of the top 50 most innovate small college business departments can be found at

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