How to Manage College Midterm Exam Stress

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Stress is a part of college life and it's most evident during exams. A few days before the midterm exam, students are already preparing for it by studying day and night. Aside from hitting the books and reviewing their notes, they also need to comply with the different requirements assigned to them throughout their midterm.

There are many stressors that attack college students during midterm exam but the good news is you can beat them if you only know how to manage your time and discipline yourself.

Make a schedule and stick to it

One of the most practical things you can do is make a study schedule weeks before your midterm exam. Include in your schedule the subject and the specific period of time for studying you will allot for it. Make sure to include all subjects so you don't miss out on any of them. Allow more time for harder subjects such as those that involve memorization of facts or performing calculations. Most importantly, stick to your schedule and avoid procrastination.

Prepare ahead of time

Organize your notes in preparation for the midterm exam. It's effective to make your own reviewer too. All you have to do is list down in sheets of paper all the important facts such as names, dates, and places so you can easily study and memorize them without browsing your books anymore.

Study with a group

Group studying isn't only fun but it also makes learning fun. Long before midterm exam, organize a study group with your classmates. You can study together at the library or any ideal vacant spot on campus. One of the advantages of group study is that you can compare notes and share each other's ideas. In case you were absent, you can also borrow and then copy notes of your classmates.

Reward yourself

Devoting all of your time studying for the midterm exam can take a toll on your mind and body. It's important that you take some time off from your books and get some fresh air. Reward yourself by window shopping, eating out with friends, or doing something completely mindless once in a while such as watching TV or listening to music. These activities can help you relax your body and mind after a grueling study period. Afterwards, you'll feel good as new and ready to take on extra hours more for studying.

Taking the college midterm exam is indeed stressful but if you know how to manage your time wisely and discipline yourself, there's no way you can't pass all your midterm test with flying colors.

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