Claflin University Named March “School of the Month” by Tom Joyner Foundation

Last Updated on November 14, 2021

Street lamp banner displays VISIONARY week at Claflin University at the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Physical Education Center.
Photo courtesy of Claflin University.

Claflin University, located in Orangeburg and South Carolina's oldest HBCU, is honored to have been chosen as the Tom Joyner Foundation‘s School of the Month for March, 2014.

About Claflin University

Founded in 1869, Claflin University is a private, four-year college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Averaging 1,800 students on its urban, 400-acre campus, Claflin University was established by missionaries with the purpose of educating freed slaves after the Civil War.

Student life at Claflin University is diverse and exciting. Athletics include basketball, baseball, tennis, track and field, softball and volleyball. Eight of the nine Pan-Hellenic Council organizations have chapters at Claflin, fostering a rich experience of Greek life through fraternity and sorority activities. ROTC Opportunities are also available through a partnership with South Carolina State University.

Academics at Claflin include both Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Twelve different academic departments are housed in four schools. These include the School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Altogether, Claflin University offers thirty-five Bachelors degree opportunities. Their two Masters degrees are in Business Administration (MBA) and Biotechnology (MSB).

Listen below to a preview of the Tom Joyner Foundation interview with Claflin University president, Dr. Henry N. Tisdale.

Make a donation to Claflin University.

About the Tom Joyner Foundation and Focus 100

The TJF, headed by African American activist, television personality and leader Tom Joyner, strives to help African American students – and HBCUs – in many different ways. Each month a different HBCU is selected in order to promote the diverse and multi-faceted world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The Tom Joyner Foundation also helps students succeed through its many scholarship opportunities.

Focus 100 is a Claflin University group, founded in 2004, which provides vital assistance for students who, through no fault of their own, find it impossible to afford college life. The fund furnishes money for a wide variety of student needs, from food and shelter to books and tuition. It's goal is to provide assistance ensuring that no deserving Claflin University student has to give up their dream of graduation due to financial difficulties.

The Tom Joyner Foundation hopes to raise $100,000 in March for the Focus 100. Promoting Claflin University and all of its opportunities will help drive donations and ensure that no student loses out on their dreams of success at Claflin.

How You Can Help

Visit Claflin's TJF page for ways to donate, information about Claflin University, and links to other fun and worthwhile TJF events.

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