Xavier Alumna Mizani Ball Wins Emmy Award

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

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Xavier University of Louisiana Alumna Mizani Ball

Xavier alumna Mizani Ball (‘19) won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for a Cultural Documentary at the 64th annual Chicago/Midwest Emmy ceremony on December 3, 2022. Ball, a filmmaker and multimedia producer, served as producer for “Chicago Stories: The Birth of Gospel.”

“Chicago Stories: The Birth of Gospel” traces the birth and growth of gospel music in Chicago during the 1930s. The documentary follows the “father of gospel,” Thomas A. Dorsey, and explores gospel’s roots from southern spirituals during slavery and through gospel’s early years.

Vibrant and inspirational, gospel music dates to The Great Migration, the long-term movement of African Americans from the south to Chicago and other northern cities. The documentary also showcases how African American culture has significantly shaped and influenced modern-day music globally.

“It was amazing to work on this project. It was a way for me to connect with my family history of the great migration and work with an experienced producer, Stacy Robinson, which was helpful for me as an emerging filmmaker and produce…I learned so much and got to meet so many amazing people.”

Mizani Ball

Mizani Ball is a graduate of Xavier’s mass communication program and has previously served as an adjunct professor for the university. She is proud to be part of the documentary and to share the stories of those who have contributed to one of the world’s most well-beloved genres.

“For anyone who has had a dream that seemed too big or impossible to others, I’m here to tell you no dream is too big…Continue to fight for what it is you want to do and watch the nays turn into yays.”

Mizani Ball

To watch the award-winning documentary, click here.

Source: Xavier University Newsdesk

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