Beat Senioritis: Staying Motivated in Your Senior Year of High School

Last Updated on October 24, 2016

Staying Motivated on Your Senior Year in High School

What is senioritis When a graduating student sees no need to stay motivated at the end of his senior year, he may be suffering from senioritis.

This phenomenon called senioritis is more common than we think. By the time the senior year draws to a close, the student has been accepted into the college of his choice and all there is to do is wait for graduation to come. His grades may drop and he slacks off in his extracurricular activities as well. It's like watching a marathon runner lose steam just as he nears the finish line.

Some students take things further and start acting out-of-character. It may be panic about ending high school and venturing out into the unknown that's making them act out. It may be that these students feel complacent about their grades and their future that they don't feel like doing more.

Senioritis is frustrating for the parents and teachers rooting for the senior student to excel all the way, and it may hurt the student's chance of getting into the college of his dreams. While it's rare for colleges to rescind their acceptance of a qualified high school senior after the letters have been sent out, the student's performance at the last leg of his senior year could become a big enough reason for the colleges to reverse their decision.

Do you have senioritis If you feel yourself slipping, losing your motivation and finding it difficult to keep your grades up during your senior year, here are some suggestions on how you can motivate yourself.

Think Beyond the Goal of Graduation

When you're closing one chapter of your life and preparing for another, you should understand that graduating from high school is just another step towards a bigger goal, which is to finish college with flying colors.

Slacking off is habit forming. You're less likely to feel motivated on your first year in college if you drop the ball at the end of your high school year. There's nothing like feeling hyped about college because you know you've done all you can to excel during high school. The amazing thing is that this perspective on self-discipline and focus will serve you well when times are rough on your freshman year.

You Aren't a Fluke

Prove to yourself and others that it wasn't just a stroke of good luck that got you accepted to the college of your choice. If you've been diligent all throughout, and you've seen the results of your perseverance, this isn't the time to quit. Rather, this is the time to prove to yourself that getting the grades that landed you a college acceptance isn't a fluke. You're consistent and you have what it takes to excel.

Attend Senior Seminars and Mentorship Meetings

Senior seminars and career talks are a part of the high school experience that you should make the most of. Some schools sponsor senior retreats or trips which allow the students to reflect on their future. You may never see your teachers and mentors again, so take this time to learn from what they can share with you. Seminars geared towards prepping seniors for college also function as pep rallies for the graduating class. You'll be missing out on a lot if you ditch these.

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