5 Priorities for College Bound Seniors

5 Priorities for College Bound High School Seniors

Senior year is an exciting time, but it’s also crucial for college bound seniors to stay organized and plan ahead. Here are five key priorities to keep track of during your senior year to prepare for life after high school:

Your Senior Year Course Work

Your senior year is the culmination of your high school journey, so stay focused and continue taking courses that will benefit your future college studies.

College Application Packages

Colleges have various deadlines and requirements, and some may shortlist applicants after receiving a certain number of applications. Visit college websites to stay updated on deadlines and prepare necessary application documents. Organize folders with labeled and dated papers, prioritized by deadlines. Have backup options in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

Financial Aid Information and Application

Don’t delay your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) submission, as processing time can be lengthy. Gather required paperwork, including your parents’ tax statements, and place your FAFSA application in a high-priority folder.

Recommendation Forms and Transcript Requests

Ask for recommendation letters early to secure your place among the first batch. Be patient with teachers and give them ample time to complete recommendation forms. The same applies to transcript requests—file them promptly to avoid potential delays.

Housing Applications

Once accepted to colleges, visit campuses and explore affordable housing options. Ask questions about deadlines and dormitory applications during your visit. If planning to live on campus, submit your application as soon as possible. Follow up with the resident manager if needed, respecting their preferred communication method.

Remember, staying organized and proactive during your senior year will set you up for success as you embark on the journey for college bound seniors.

FAQs for College Bound Seniors

What immediate steps should high school college bound seniors take?

College bound seniors should focus on completing college applications, seeking financial aid, preparing for standardized tests, requesting recommendation letters, and exploring housing options.

When should I start working on college applications?

Start as early as possible during your senior year to avoid last-minute stress and ensure thorough completion.

How can I find financial aid opportunities?

Research scholarships, grants, loans, and complete the FAFSA to explore available financial aid options.

When should I start preparing for standardized tests?

Begin test preparation several months in advance to allow for sufficient study and practice.

How do I request recommendation letters?

Politely ask teachers early, providing necessary forms/guidelines, allowing ample time for personalized letters.

When should I start looking for housing options?

Start exploring housing upon receiving college acceptance letters, considering deadlines and visiting campuses.

Are these actions crucial for a successful college transition?

Yes, taking these proactive steps sets the foundation for a smooth college transition and academic success.

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