Open Communication With Your Teenager for a Better Career

Open communication is vital to any kind of relationship, especially when it comes to your children. When a child grows up, most often, having an open communication is hard to achieve. The growing needs of a child, especially during teenage years, are very different than the time when the child was young.

During adolescence, children make their own transition from being dependent on you for everything to an independent adult. They are fraught with identity crisis, fears, unexplained anxiety and self-doubt and many other confusing feelings.  This is very vital phase of development. Children ideally need to have parents by their side and have constant communication. But often times it is hard to get your teenager to communicate with you.

How do you achieve open communication with your teenager?

Everyone goes through the phase of being a teenager, yet we tend to forget what it’s like as we grow older and it becomes hard to relate. The following are tips on allowing having open communication with teenagers:

1. Listen to them

Allow your teenagers to talk to you without interruption. As a parent, it is very important that you lend your ear to listen to whatever they are saying.  You need to sit down with them every once in awhile, ask questions and look them in the eye. By doing so, they will feel that whatever they are talking about is vital to you also.

2. Avoid judging them

In maintaining an open communication, one important thing is to avoid judging your children. Let them explore the world by their own means. Allow them to make mistakes. By doing so, that you allow them to grow independently.

3. Understand them

When they try to reach out, you need to foster the idea that you understand them. See to it that you empathize what they are going through. Do not scold them as much as you can. Be considerate and understand whatever situation they are in.

4. Respect their thoughts or decisions

Teenagers have their own mind and ideals, respect their thoughts or decisions as long as they remain safe.

5. Show concern and care

You can show concern and care, which will allow them to easily open up to you at any point in time. You can show it by greeting them in the morning, asking them about their day and so on.  It is a very simple gesture to get into practice.

6. Appreciate them

Teenagers like to be appreciated. When their parents appreciate them, they will have a boost of confidence. When they know that they are appreciated, they will not have to seek appreciation from somebody else.

7. Provide privacy

Another thing that teenagers value is their privacy. Allow them to have their own privacy and space. It will show that you trust them. You just need to be there when they need you the most.

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The author Dr. Amarendra writes on career and parenting. He shares latest magic cabin coupons and other discount coupons at science books for kids.

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