MLK Day of Service 2015: 5 Ways to Volunteer in College

Last Updated on January 21, 2015

An AmeriCorps member prepares items to pack in kits for overseas troops at the DC Armory during 2013 National Day of Service and MLK Day activities.
An AmeriCorps member prepares items to pack in kits for overseas troops at the DC Armory during 2013 National Day of Service and MLK Day activities. (Corporation for National and Community Service photo)

Each year, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) hosts the MLK Day of Service. This event brings together hundreds of thousands of volunteers spend their entire day at parks, homeless shelters, food pantries, hospitals, community gardens and other places serving their communities. Dr. King was so much about giving back to the community, serving, and bringing individuals together from all walks of life. So, what better way to honor his legacy by remembering those in need.

How to Volunteer on MLK Day of Service 2015

This year, the MLK Day of Service will take place on January 19, 2015. To participate, you can locate a volunteer opportunity in your community or plan your project using CNCS toolkits. To find opportunities in your local community, students can visit the All For Good Website.

If you are a student feeling inspired to volunteer your time and talents for a group project, here are five ideas from the CNCS toolkits to collaborate on for the MLK Day of Service 2015.

Organize a Book and School Supply Drive

Literacy is one of the essential skills needed by individuals to succeed in both their career aspirations and their quality of life. However, there are many underserved children for whom access to books or education materials is a challenge. Providing access to these supplies will help to reduce a significant barrier to learning.

Plant Trees in Your Neighborhood

Simple as it may sound, planting trees can help to clean up the air we breathe and guard against flooding. Sometimes, little changes to our environment can be just the thing we need to help our community live healthier and longer. So this MLK Day of Service make your street a nicer place to live by planting trees in your neighborhood.

Organize a Fitness Event

Fitness should be the way of life. It can go a long way towards reducing various health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, and more. One great way to motivate yourself, and people around you is by organizing a community-wide day of fitness.

Create or Expand a Community Garden

Does your neighborhood lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables? If yes, why not build or cultivate a community garden and help break down the barriers to access.

National Point-in-Time Count of People Experiencing Homelessness

At present, how many people are homeless in the United Stated? How many of them are youth, veterans, or families? Point-in-time counts answers these questions. It is a tally on a single day of community’s homeless population. It is a significant effort as it ensures that the voices of the people who are experiencing homelessness in your community are being heard, and efficient plans and measures can be taken.

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  1. Tennessee State University students will be part of newly established collaborations that will engage more than 50,000 student volunteers and stakeholders, and 17,000 community members in service activities during the observance of the MLK Day holiday. This is the result of a $447,000 grant that the TSU Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement received from The Corporation for National and Community Service to undertake programs geared toward the Day of Service held each year across the nation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The total amount of the grant is a combination of federal and matching funds.

    The project will bring together about 10 HBCUs in the southeast region through community service and capacity building initiatives that strategically address disaster services, economic opportunity, education, and capacity building. TSU students, who participate in several service activities as part of course requirements, and area community participants, will be integral to the implementation of the project.

    To Submit a proposal or for more information please contact Tee Johnson at

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