A Millennial President Brings a New Vision to Shaw University

Last Updated on October 24, 2015

Millennial Leadership at Shaw University
Millennial Leadership at Shaw University (PRNewsFoto/Shaw University)
According to a recent study, Millennials are destined to make up an estimated fifty percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Women, in particular, in this demographic are ushering in a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration in a new era of female talent. Dr. Tashni-Ann Dubroy is no exception.

As the newly-appointed President of Shaw University at age thirty-five, she brings to her post an impassioned and transforming vision for the university and its student body.  She has also elected to go against the grain with an intergenerational executive cabinet that demonstrates diversity in thought.

Dr. Dubroy, a highly accomplished educator, is a graduate of with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Rutgers Business School. Most importantly, she's a Millennial with business acumen that merges the qualities of excellence in higher education with the professionalism of the boardroom.

Shaw University celebrates its 150th anniversary this year as the oldest historically black university in the South. Founded only days after the ratification of the 13th amendment abolishing slavery, this venerable school has produced thousands of graduates who have enriched the nation.

However, as Business Insider recently reported, historically black colleges and universities are struggling with unequal government funding, declining enrollments and poor retention rates. Dr. Dubroy and her executive cabinet are determined to head off such situations arising at Shaw.

“We have our challenges with student retention,” says Dr. Dubroy, “especially with economically disadvantaged students. But I strongly believe that poor students in low-opportunity communities possess great untapped entrepreneurial potential. And as educators, we need to do everything in our power to ensure such collegians don't fall into a future with no hope or career path.”

One solution Dr. Dubroy envisions may lie in a reenergizing campaign where the students are encouraged to adopt an attitude of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit towards their studies, thereby building a firm foundation, one that ensures their graduation.

Shaw University operates in one of the most profitable industrial corridors in the USA, the Research Triangle, yet not everyone has a seat at the table,” comments Dr. Dubroy. “We nurture our young people, moving them toward success and instilling them with confidence, imagination, and a positive self-image enabling them to realize that they have a significant contribution to make to this thriving hub of enterprise.”

“Millennials in academia are a reflection of a changing landscape in today's workplace,” she continues, “where knowledge leaders and innovators are the twin drivers of entrepreneurship, a stance I want my students to adopt.  I think we are the generation with a broad vision and a desire to transform our campus milieu and the world around us. We seek inclusion, diversity and collaboration in order to achieve exceptional results.”

Some of those results are evidenced by her mentorship of students pursuing careers in science. Dr. Dubroy is a passionate educator; she has served as an associate professor of chemistry and as the chair of Shaw's department of natural sciences and mathematics. In this role she has mentored and recruited many young minority scientists. Over 90% of her mentees are employed in their field of study or are in graduate school.  She also mentors women in science via her non-profit organization, The Brilliant and Beautiful Foundation (www.brilliantandbeautiful.org).

About Shaw University 

Shaw University, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is the first historically black institution of higher education in the South and among the oldest in the nation. Founded in 1865 by Henry Martin Tupper, the school's mission is to advance knowledge, facilitate student learning and achievement, to enhance the spiritual and ethical values of its students, and to transform a diverse student body into future global leaders.

For almost 150 years, the University has produced outstanding professionals who have contributed to the advancement of society. Graduates include college presidents, academic vice presidents, judges, lawyers, recording artists, school principals, pastors, and other notable persons.

Source: Shaw University

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