JSU Graduating Senior Secures Lucrative Position At Lockheed Martin

Gregory Hobson secures job at Lockheed Martin

Jackson State University Class of 2022 graduate Gregory Hobson, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, has defied the odds by graduating with his bachelor’s degree in computer science despite the challenges of his upbringing. Next, he looks forward to entering a lucrative job opportunity as a cybersecurity software engineer with Lockheed Martin.

“People always told me what I couldn’t do, but I wanted to create an environment different from what I was raised around.” said Hobson, who consistently maintained a 3.5 GPA throughout his collegiate career.

Due to the COVID pandemic, Hobson lost his Mississippi Power internship in 2020, leaving him in a state of confusion. Yet despite the blow to his plans, he understood that the show must go on and shifted his vision accordingly, accepting a temporary job working at a local gas station in order to maintain financial independence.

During this time of vision adjustments, he remained steadfast in his work pursuits and maintained consistent communication with Mississippi Power, displaying both his level of professionalism and commitment towards working alongside them one day. It was shortly after this tumultuous season that he was offered a position to work as a corporate cybersecurity intern for the company.

As the product of a fragmented household, Hobson made it a mission to go out and acquire all the wisdom, knowledge and experience from the world that he longed for in his community. He entered into the workforce as an early teen and understood the importance of establishing financial stability and wielding a spirit of perseverance despite all obstacles.

“I just knew that something has got to give, I worked hard for everything I earned. Spending nights pedaling back and forth on my bike in order to complete the task at hand. I knew something would come.”

Gregory Hobson

As his senior year approached and with thoughts of graduation in his sights, Hobson directed his attention to proactively applying for job opportunities. He interviewed with several companies and received numerous rejection letters, but still, he persevered.

Then one day an opportunity met his preparation in the form of a simple email notification with Lockheed Martin in the header. Hobson opened the email to discover that the corporation was offering him a six-figure salary working as a cybersecurity software engineer, and the opportunity to relocate to Fort Worth, TX.

After graduation, Hobson also looks forward to pursuing his master’s in business administration from JSU. He plans to enroll while working simultaneously in his new position. Hobson is very grateful for the mentorship of one of his undergraduate professors, Lesile Leonard, Ph.D., who instilled in him the importance of a solid work ethic and challenged him to establish a concrete system for information gathering and processing.

“She challenged me to grow. In her course was the first time I had to write out processes for a midterm exam. It was a challenge, but I stepped up to the plate and dug deep in order to expand my knowledge. I’m truly grateful for her.”

Gregory Hobson

Source: Jackson State University Newsdesk

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