Kentucky State University’s Retention Rate Climbs 38 Percent

Last Updated on October 14, 2015

Kentucky State University students enjoy a meal together in the campus cafeteria.
A study from Kentucky State University’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness has revealed a 38 percent increase in the University’s retention. The recently published 2014-2015 retention rate of 60.2 percent is KSU’s highest in 10 years. Retention rate is calculated as percent of first-time, full-time bachelor degree-seeking (Cohort) students who enrolled in previous fall term and returned in current fall term.

Although overall enrollment at the HBCU is lower at 1,585 total students compared with 1,895 students from fall 2014, all of the students are engaged and financially viable.

One of the reasons for the spike in the retention rate is President Raymond Burse’s commitment to transformation. In August, Burse unveiled a new lineup of staff and faculty as part of his transformation team. He also has installed a new theme: In All Things Excellence.

Special assistant to the president Melinda Impellizzeri, who leads the University’s Strategic Direction, believes that one of the key investments in the retention rate is the commitment to stronger programs around educational outcomes as well as staff and faculty accountability.

“We’re putting structure in place to deliver better organization, better student progress monitoring, better customer service, and overall effectiveness,” says Impellizzeri. “It’s more than just a job, we are transforming to hold each other accountable for every role in our students’ success.”

About Kentucky State University

entucky State University (KSU) was chartered in May 1886 as a land grant institution. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky – the state capitol – KSU offers associate (two-year) degrees in three disciplines, baccalaureate (four-year) degrees in 24 disciplines, and master’s degrees in five disciplines.

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