Jackson State’s Version of ‘Uptown Funk’ Video Goes Viral

Last Updated on June 20, 2015

he Sonic Boom’s J5 drum majors factor prominently in the video.
JSU Uptown Funk 2015 video via YouTube.

After Pharrell’s sensational “Happy” song spawned a viral video last year by Jackson State University and enchanted tens of thousands of people throughout the globe, the social media team at JSU is raising the tempo with another commercial success – “Uptown Funk.”

With more than 65,000 views in just a single day, “Uptown Funk,” which features a special shout-out to “Jackson, Mississippi,” is well on it way to eclipsing the nearly 100,000 views for JSU’s “Happy” video.”

No. 1 on the Billboard charts

Explaining the success of the “Funk” video, JSU social media director Spencer McClenty said, “The song Uptown Funk was No. 1 on the Billboard charts for 14 weeks, which is the longest a song has held that position this century. Additionally, along with everyone else in the country, our students, alumni and potential students absolutely love the song.”

As well, McClenty said, “We felt that we could use the song to highlight our beautiful campus and our energetic students in a socially based marketing video. So far, the results have been extraordinary.”

J5 drum majors, faculty, staff, students

While the Sonic Boom’s J5 drum majors factor prominently in the video, it also consists of the fancy foot moves of frolicking, gyrating faculty, staff and students – all in good taste, of course.

The video also features singer-actress Keke Palmer and actor Eric Hill Jr. The starring duo will appear in lead roles in the upcoming film “Brotherly Love.”

JSU’s social media team asked its followers to help reach 10,000 shares of the video on Facebook. With more than 8,000 shares, views now total 80,000.

To view the viral video, click on the following link: JSU Uptown Funk.

Source: Jackson State University Newsroom

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