I Love Howard Campaign: A Fundraising Model to Replicate

Last Updated on October 11, 2014

The I Love Howard Campaign, is a grassroots fundraising effort led by three Howard University alumni, committed to raising $20,000 for the university’s endowment.

Great institutions yield great men and women, but all institutions, even great ones, need fuel—funding. Funding is an important part of any institutional set-up, supporting the institution’s staff, students and academic ventures. But where does this funding come from? Us!—the community that reaps the harvest sowed by these institutions. Addressing the financial challenges faced by Howard University, three Howard University alumni have started the I Love Howard Fundraising Campaign. This campaign brings together alumni, students and black college supporters who have gained much from their experience at Howard University and are urging the community to contribute so that the university can continue to prosper.

“The campaign is about putting your money where your love is,” said Michelle Janaye, chair of the campaign. “Howard University has given us so much in terms of support, confidence, an appreciation for community service and overall excellence, it’s now our turn to give back. I believe that if you love something, you will invest in it financially.”

I Love Howard Campaign

Born out of their love for Howard, the I Love Howard Fundraising Campaign was launched last Valentine’s Day. The campaign is rooted in leveraging the love and pride that many Howard University alumni have for their Alma mater. Few other HBCU fundraising initiatives have brought this level of transparency, innovation or customer service to their efforts. I Love Howard is using several digital platforms to amplify the collective Howard University experience through anecdotes of love in the form of photos, videos and text.

I Love Howard Campaign Video Feature with Angie Ange
To show her love and appreciation for Howard University, WYKS radio host Angie Ange sat down with The I Love Howard Campaign to tell us why she loves Howard.


Three Ways To Get Involved

The I Love Howard Fundraising Campaign urges Howard alumni, students and community members to donate, act and share. With a goal of $20,000, it seeks donations for the university’s endowment. The initiative asks its supporters to pledge to support Howard and also aims to educate future generations about the value of monetarily contributing to HBCUs, which work hard to create successful individuals. The campaign appeals for people to spread the word so that more donations pour in and the target is reached in a reasonable amount of time.

Reasons to Replicate the I Love Howard Campaign

HBCU alumni need to recognize the financial challenges faced by HBCUs. They need to understand that HBCUs charge a very nominal fee compared to their non-HBCU counterparts. Because of this, there is a need for additional funding. The students and alumni of Howard University have created a wonderful model with the I Love Howard Fundraising Campaign. The campaign is exemplary in terms of transparency, innovation and customer support and encourages students and alumni to understand the need for supporting the institutions that have helped them become successful individuals. Whether through monetary help, volunteering time or other methods, the campaign asks everyone to chip in. After all, isn’t it only right for children to care for their parents once they are able and accomplished themselves?

A Brief History of Howard University

Howard University was founded to educate young African-American clergymen. Today, Howard is a private university catering to over 10,500 students pursuing academics in more than 120 fields. Howard offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in many fields. What stands out is the fact that Howard produces more on-campus African-American PhDs than anywhere else in the world.

Let us pledge to support and spread the message of the I love Howard Fundraising Campaign. Let’s chip in!

The I Love Howard Campaign is a grassroots giving initiative – led by Michelle Janaye, Jessica Nealy and Rochee Jeffrey – for students, alumni and black college supporters who have benefited from the Howard University experience.

For more information visit www.ilovehoward.org.

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