HL 036: Point and Drive – Brandi Mitchell Brings HBCU Band Documentary to Life

Last Updated on May 5, 2018

Director Brandi Mitchell produces Point and Drive - a groundbreaking documentary depicting the positive impact of HBCU band culture.
Point and Drive Director Brandi Mitchell

The HBCU Lifestyle Podcast was pleased to feature a conversation about the HBCU Band documentary “Point and Drive”. Based on the rise of the Florida A&M University “Marching 100,” the movie features the renowned band's alumni plus alumni of other HBCU band programs. Most importantly, the documentary focuses on how FAMU's band and others turned talented college students into leaders while influencing college marching band programs across the country.

In addition to live performances and rare footage of the “Marching 100,” the film features entertaining interviews. “Point and Drive” features notable figures such as Grammy Award winning artists Scotty Barnhart, Wycliffe Gordon, Vincent Gardner as well as neo-soul artist Dwele.

The documentary's energetic creator and director Brandi Mitchell joins the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast to talk about the road to making “Point and Drive” a reality. The former member of FAMU's “Marching 100” talks about her experience under the legendary Dr. William P. Foster. She also shares what it was like creating the film and its rave reviews from viewers.

For upcoming screenings visit the Koris Publishing Eventbrite page.

About today's guest

Brandi Mitchell is the owner of Koris Publishing, a multi-faceted publishing and media company which helps to monetize the messages, intellectual property, and personas of great brands to its audience through producing high caliber products in print, television, film, and digital media. She has the privilege of working with talents such as Steve Harvey, Anthony Mackie, Ruby Dee, Eric Benet, Chrisette Michelle Hector Elizondo, and Eminem; as well as TV Networks including TLC, BET, MTV, TBS, and TV ONE.

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