HBCU Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Rembert’s Inspiring Path to Success

Last Updated on November 30, 2023

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Brandon Rembert: A Journey of Passion and Perseverance from Alcorn State to the Pittsburgh Pirates

Welcome to the first feature of our brand-new series, ‘HBCU Alumni Spotlight,' where we shine a light on the incredible journeys of HBCU graduates. Kicking off this series is none other than Brandon Rembert, an Alcorn State University alum who's now making waves as a Minor League Baseball Operations Assistant with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Brandon's story isn't just about success; it's about the power of HBCU education and the drive to make dreams a reality.

Brandon's HBCU Experience

When asked about his time at Alcorn State, Brandon’s face lights up. “Choosing Alcorn State was one of the best decisions I've ever made,” he shared. Graduating in 2020 with a degree in General Studies and completing his master's in Athletic Administration and Coaching in 2021. It was here that Brandon found the perfect mix of challenging academics, a supportive environment, and a passion for baseball. And let's not forget the legendary homecoming week – a festival of HBCU culture and spirit — which remains one of his fondest memories. “You haven't experienced true school spirit until you've been to an HBCU homecoming,” Brandon recalls with a smile.

The Career Path: From Graduation to the Big Leagues

Brandon's original dream was to play major league baseball, a goal within reach until unforeseen circumstances altered his course. “I played at Alcorn from 2019 to 2021. My first year in 2019 went pretty well, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, cutting our season short,” he explains. The following year, a hamstring injury sidelined him for most of the season, dashing his hopes of entering the draft. “It was a tough time, but I had to rethink my future,” Brandon reflects. This led him to explore the corporate side of professional baseball, advocating for the diverse opportunities available there. “There's a whole world of careers in sports beyond playing,” he encourages HBCU grads.

Making an Impact: On and Off the Field

Action shot of Brandon Rembert, wearing jersey number 18, as he swings for a hit at a baseball game representing Alcorn State University. The uniform is purple and white, and he's captured mid-swing at home plate with the field in the background.

Juggling academics and athletics? Brandon did that with style, excelling in both arenas and earning honor roll recognition. “Balancing everything wasn't easy, especially with the challenges of the pandemic and my injury, but Alcorn taught me resilience,” he shares. He's not just a player in the field; he's an ambassador of HBCU excellence, bringing the Braves’ spirit to the professional baseball world. “Discipline helped me balance my life,” he shares.

Skills for Success: Lessons from Alcorn State

At Alcorn State, Brandon honed skills beyond the basics. We're talking killer work ethic, networking like a pro, and communicating like a champ. “Networking played a crucial role in my career shift,” he admits. “After completing my master's in December 2021, I started coaching at my high school and managing a nine-year-old travel ball team, which led to my opportunity with the Pirates.” These abilities have been crucial in his role with the Pirates, demonstrating the practical value of his HBCU education.

Brandon's Advice to Current HBCU Students

Brandon's golden advice for current students is about the power of networking. “It's networking that landed me my role with the Pirates,” he reveals. “Someone who used to work for the Pirates passed my name along, leading to multiple interviews and eventually my hiring in February 2022.” He urges students to seize every opportunity for academic and extracurricular involvement, as these experiences shape a well-rounded professional.

Looking Ahead: Dreams and Community Contribution

Brandon Rembert is captured with a cheerful expression, wearing a dark gray Pittsburgh Pirates T-shirt. He stands in a baseball stadium with rows of green seats in the background, holding what appears to be a stopwatch or device in his right hand.

Brandon's not just looking to climb the career ladder; he's aiming to soar in the sports management world. “I want to show that with hard work, anything's possible,” he states. And he's all about giving back, planning to inspire the next generation through mentorship and speaking gigs. Talk about goals!

Brandon Rembert's journey from Alcorn State to the Pittsburgh Pirates is a playbook of passion, hard work, and HBCU excellence. It's a story that screams ‘anything is possible' to current and future HBCU students. So, what will your HBCU success story be?

Inspired by Brandon's story and want to learn more from his experiences? Connect with him and join his professional network on LinkedIn, follow his journey on Instagram, or reach out directly via email to get a personal insight into the world of HBCU excellence and professional sports management.

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