Grambling State University’s 10 for $10 Challenge Raises $55K

Last Updated on December 19, 2015

President Willie Larkin accepts a $55,000 check presented by members of the 10 for $10 Challenge Campaign Committee.
President Willie Larkin accepts a $55,000 check presented by members of the 10 for $10 Challenge Campaign Committee.
The Grambling State University community closed its first I’m a G 10 for $10 Challenge with a successful donation of $55,000 to the university, breaking the campaign’s goal of raising $50,000. More than 600 alumni donated to the campaign, and nearly 50 percent were first-time donors to the university.

“By all measures, Grambling’s 10 for $10 Challenge Campaign is an excellent example of how small dollars from some, coupled with big dollars from others, can come together and create big results at the end of the day,” President Willie Larkin said. “I feel encouraged by the uptick in Grambling State University alumni giving. Let’s keep it going, GramFam.”

The idea of the 10 for $10 Challenge is simple. A donor gives $10 or more to Grambling State University, challenges 10 other people to match their gift, and then challenges those 10 people to repeat the process. The campaign began in April as a way to encourage members of the Grambling community to take up the challenge to build a strong and sustainable future for the university.

“The 10 for $10 Challenge Campaign has made major strides in continuing to enhance a culture of giving to Grambling State University,” said Otto Meyers, III, interim vice president of advancement, research and economic development. “One of the appealing components of the campaign is that it still allowed donors to target their donations to a preferred university area or tag their donation as unrestricted, which provides the president the greatest degree of flexibility in targeting the funds to areas of immediate need. My congratulations go to the team of dedicated alumni that drove this campaign to success. Through the lessons learned from the team’s first 10 for $10 Challenge, we are looking forward to even greater success with the next 10 for $10 Challenge Campaign.”

The idea to use a small donation amount of $10 encouraged people, especially alumni who have never donated to the university before, to realize that any donation, no matter how large or small, can make a difference to the university.

One of the donors is Lebanon Creek Leadership and Management, whose employees donated $2,000 to the Grambling softball team. “We wanted to donate to a sports program that may not get as much attention as some of the other programs at the university,” said George Rhyne, Jr., a managing partner at Lebanon Creek Leadership and Management. “We chose to donate to the women’s softball program, because we noticed team members diligently selling game-day programs at every home game to help supplement some of their needs due to budget shortfalls. In addition the coach has been very responsive, appreciative and keeps us updated on his team. It is our pleasure to provide support to a worthy cause.”

Source: Grambling State University News Desk

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