The Freshman 15: What You Need to Know to Avoid It

Avoiding the Freshman 15: A group of African American and Latino college students laughing at camera on campus.

Freshman year of college is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life.  Every year these students go off to their prospective colleges and universities prepared for their first educational experience without daily parental involvement. Students go to their scheduled classes, meet new friends and – for some – are introduced to the “Freshman 15.”

The “Freshman 15” relates to the unwanted additional 15 pounds that most students gain from an amalgamation of social and behavioral changes. 

According to research conducted by ACE Fitness, a study published in Nutrition Journal shows that nearly one in four freshmen gain at least 5 percent of their body weight, which equals to an average of about 10 to 15 pounds during their first semester.

But no worries!

We have a few ways to help you avoid the freshman 15 that are feasible to do and won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

1. Student Recreation Center = FREE GYM

Every college and university has a recreation center that they offer “free” membership for students.  Some of these facilities have state of the art equipment that rivals top name gyms in your city.  Take advantage of this service!  Besides, you pay for the service in your student account!

2. Sleep patterns

Staying up late, whether a result of partying or studying, takes a toll on your health and eating patterns. Getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep is beneficial not only for your body to function efficiently, but also plays a positive role on your mood throughout the day.  This is ESPECIALLY important if you tend to be an emotional eater/”snacker".

3. Better nutritional habits

Usually social events in the evening result in drinks and greasy foods while studying late at night result in unhealthy snacks such as chips, cookies, soda, etc.

4. Drink plenty of water

Water has many positive benefits.  It speeds up your metabolism, clears your skin, reduces stress, and releases toxins from your body.

5. Be active

Whatever you do, STAY ACTIVE and if you’re not active – GET ACTIVE.  A body that is in motion will stay in motion and continue to benefit your overall performance in life.

These are just a few tips that we have for you on how to avoid that dreadful “Freshman 15” while starting your new educational career.

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