Free Graduate Admissions Exams Prep at Fisk University

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Free Graduate Admissions Exams Prep at Fisk University

Fisk University, a historically Black university and the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, has begun providing all of its undergraduate students with free graduate admissions exams prep for a variety of graduate-level admissions exams, including the GRE®GMAT®LSAT®, and MCAT®, and professional certifications, through a new partnership with global educational services provider Kaplan

“At Fisk University, we are dedicated to ensuring our students’ success both during their matriculation through our rigorous programs and post-graduation. Our faculty and administration invest a significant amount of time and resources to improve the overall student experience. As part of this commitment, we are excited to partner with Kaplan to provide free graduate admissions exams prep courses for a variety of graduate-level admissions exams and professional certifications.”

Dr. Robert Carr, provost of Fisk University

The Free Graduate Admissions Exams Prep Will Be A Game Changer

“This innovative and forward-thinking collaboration demonstrates our belief in our students’ potential to achieve great things and our dedication to providing them with the best educational experience possible. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Kaplan and excited about the positive impact the free graduate admissions exams prep will have on the futures of our students.”

Dr. Robert Carr, provost of Fisk University

Kaplan has prepared students for standardized tests for 85 years, and Fisk University is its newest HBCU partner for the company’s All Access initiative, joining Xavier University of LouisianaHoward UniversityDelaware State UniversityTalladega College, and most recently, Stillman CollegeCleveland State University is also a partner and reports strong results for its students since signing on last year. As part of Kaplan’s All Access mission, colleges and universities can help their students prepare for a variety of high-stakes exams including graduate admissions exams prep and secure professional certifications that they need to reach their ultimate career goals.

“In becoming a Kaplan All Access partner, Fisk University is making a valuable investment in their students’ success and demonstrating faith in their futures. We can’t wait to get all participating students inside one of our classrooms to help them achieve their educational and career goals. It also sends a powerful message to prospective Fisk students: This is a college that believes in your aspirations.”

James Polulach, Kaplan’s Director of Institutional Partnerships

For college and university leaders who want to explore partnering with Kaplan, learn more about our graduate admissions exams prep programs.

“Free graduate admissions exams prep and certifications is a real game changer in Fisk students’ journeys to success. Whether because of the price of preparation or because of how difficult the exams are, many aspiring young professionals see tests as a barrier, instead of an opportunity. With All Access, Kaplan is eliminating these challenges, providing students with best-in-class graduate admissions exams prep with no out-of-pocket expenses.”

James Polulach, Kaplan’s Director of Institutional Partnerships

About Fisk University

Fisk University is a highly-ranked historically Black university, according to U.S. News and World Report, and is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee. Fisk’s outstanding faculty and students continue to enhance the University’s international reputation for academic excellence. Fisk’s scholars continue to make strides in all areas of the industry from Social Justice to the sciences.

A Fisk education prepares students to become beacons in servicing the community and well-rounded leaders and scholars in their respective fields. Fisk offers more than 20+ undergraduate and graduate programs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Clinical Psychology with a bridge Masters to Ph.D. program through a partnership with Vanderbilt University. For more information, visit

About Kaplan

Kaplan, Inc. is a global educational services company that helps individuals and institutions advance their goals in an ever-changing world. Our broad portfolio of solutions helps students and professionals further their education and careers, universities and educational institutions attract and support students, and businesses maximize employee recruitment, retainment, and development.

Stanley Kaplan founded our company in 1938 with a mission to expand educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Today, our thousands of employees working in 26 countries continue Stanley’s mission as they serve about 1.2 million students and professionals, 13,000 corporate clients, and 4,000 schools, school districts, colleges, and universities worldwide. Kaplan is a subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC). Learn more at

Source: Fisk University Newsdesk

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