Fisk University Makes History by Enrolling its First Deaf Student

Last Updated on November 22, 2013

At 29-years-old, Dwayne Hightower is not your traditional student. With the help of his sign language interpreter, Annie Masters, Hightower has also become a teacher.

“I never imagined that people would come up to me. I figured one or two, I expected, but what feels like the whole campus coming up saying, ‘Hey I want to know how to spell this or can you teach me this,'” said Hightower.

Philippe Andal, president of the Student Government Association, said Hightower brings a new form of diversity to the university that has not only been welcomed, but embraced.

“It's actually exciting because when the class found out they had a deaf student amongst themselves during orientation, the second day of orientation they already had a petition with 144 signatures to get a class started,” said Andal.

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Photo credit: YMCA Black Achievers Black College Tour

Source: News Channel 5, Kennedy-King College

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