SSU Alumna Tatia Adams Fox Establishes Her Legacy as an Entrepreneur

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

Tatia Adams Fox, Founder and President of The New School of Etiquette
Tatia Adams Fox, Founder and President of The New School of Etiquette

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs within the nation according to 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, and Tatia Adams Fox is no exception. Her impact dwells from her drive to create her own legacy by crafting an alternative approach for teaching social intelligence, leadership and business etiquette skills to children, young adults and professionals.

Tatia Adams Fox is a business owner, wife, a mother of two and a product of Savannah State University. Growing up Adams Fox was very determined to achieve her goals and dreams. She said, “I was always one of those kids who was crystal clear on I wanted to do, I always wanted to work at an African-American publication.”

Attending Savannah State University

Tatia Adams Fox knew no matter what school she attended, she would have taken advantage of the opportunity the institution offered. She used this as motivation during her years at Savannah State University by taking control of her HBCU experience, double majoring in Journalism and Marketing. She said, “Going to a small HBCU afforded me the opportunity to get to know my professors, so it felt like a family and less like an institution.”

Attending an HBCU also reaffirmed Adams Fox’s understanding of the importance of legacy. Just like these institutions of higher learning have the legacy of creating environments for people of color to prosper and surpass economic hardship; she often thought of her legacy, and how she could leave a positive influence in this world.

“Legacy is such a tremendous drive for me personally, and growing up I came from a household where entrepreneurship wasn’t discussed at all.”

Developing Her Career

She landed her dream job at Heart and Soul Magazine and was exposed to so much more within the industry of media. “Working there for three years exposed me up to several things such as event marketing, branding, tours and sales, and those were areas I never considered,” she said. She shifted her professional focus to the field of sales, branding and marketing and began working at MTV Networks.

As she navigated through her career Adams Fox earned her Master’s in Integrated Marketing from Roosevelt University and graduated from the Executive Leadership program at Harvard School of Business. In addition, she worked at Universal Motown and Warner Music ADA just to name a few.

“The more you diversify your experience it will eventually put you at a crossroad to climb the corporate ladder or lead you down the path of being an entrepreneur.”

Establishing her Legacy

As time passed, there were many changes in her life. Although, she had reached the height of her career as the first and highest ranking female executive at Warner Music ADA, as a mom and wife she had to reevaluate her priorities. She found herself wondering how she could design her life to satisfy her career from a professional standpoint and allow her to fulfill her wife and motherly duties. She said, “My answer always reverted to branding, marketing and the desire to make a difference.”

Around the same time she noticed that her eldest child was suffering from social anxiety. She was adamant about finding social intelligence and etiquette classes, but couldn’t find the right one for her child.

Moms are like business owners when they see a problem they seek a solution. “I took off my mommy hat and put on my marketing hat and said ‘if I would have created a program that was right for my child what would it be?’” Three months later the New School of Etiquette was founded.

She decided to take a leap of faith and formed the New School of Etiquette. It has been running for the past six years strong with 1,500 students across the nation and internationally. The school has emphasizes on social intelligence, leadership, career building skills and dining etiquette. But this is not your stereotypical formal course with a rigid curriculum.

Her clients include children, young adults and professionals. The students learn through role-play, fun and engaging lessons. She said, “I tell parents ‘we give a formal education in an informal environment.’”

She also founded Boopa, Integrated Marketing, a boutique full service branding and marketing agency where she and her team work with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

For Tatia Adams Fox being a leader for the advancement of social intelligence, leadership and etiquette programs for young children and season professionals across the world is her legacy led by passion and purpose.

She said, “I want to build something that extends beyond just the New School of Etiquette, I want to instill a relentless desire to following your passion to my daughters and everyone else, so that they are driven to do something that they love and create their own legacy.”

Advice to the Next Generation

Furthermore, her advice to students in college is to first remain open to learning something new from every experience. Take in all these lessons like a sponge because there is always a chance you might stumble across something that can turn into your passion. Adams Fox said, “If something interest you then research it, explore it and most importantly, retain the knowledge.”

Additionally, she suggests to students to work for companies and corporations, but she stresses to not loose sight of yourself, your self-worth and your brand.

She said, “Become the student while serving the employee and apply those lessons if you chose to branch off to your own or do it simultaneously.”

Tatia Adams Fox will continue to spread inspiration to help people find their purpose and establish their legacy.

Connect with Tatia Adams Fox Online

The New School of Etiquette offers workshops across the country, with class locations in Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA; South Orange, West Orange and Englewood Cliffs, NJ. For more information about Tatia Adams Fox visit her website at or follow her on Facebook at

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